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Introducing the FREE Philosophy to Help You Get Fit

1 day ago - in Transformation - PrimalPal Team

What does it take to lose body fat and keep it off? How do you cross the threshold of knowing what you should be doing to get in great shape, to actually doing it?

These are the questions we've wrestled with for the last few years running PrimalPal.

In the paleo community, the 30-day "challenge" promises to have the answer to these questions. But from our experience, and the experiences of thousands of people we've talked to, they miss the mark.

Sure, it's great to eat healthier for 30 ...

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Paleo Bodybuilding

4 days ago - in Paleo Lifestyle - PrimalPal Blogger

Is the Paleo Diet a good option for bodybuilders?

Let’s take a look at both sides and see if Paleo Bodybuilding is here to stay.

“The Paleo principles are simple: if you can grow it or kill it,eat it. If it's been processed, don't.”


What is Paleo?

Paleo is more than a diet, it's a way of life. Paleo nourishes your body with clean, natural foods and provides all the minerals, nutrients, and vitamins it needs to stay healthy. The diet is designed to keep an active body properly...

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Top Websites With Free Paleo Recipes

15 days ago - in Paleo Lifestyle - PrimalPal Blogger

Free Paleo Recipes

Eating healthy is hard, at least it is for most people. You try your best to stick to a lifestyle change like eating differently and then you end up stuck in an eating rut. Some people end up eating pre-packaged, microwave ready meals for every meal of the day, which really isn’t the best of options for someone who has decided to go Paleo with their eating habits. Other people, just make large batches of two to three meals, and eat them every day. But how boring is that....

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Primal Pal's Essential Paleo Dessert List

23 days ago - in Recipes - PrimalPal Blogger

We get it, sometimes there’s an event that you need to prepare a dish or dessert for, or a birthday party is coming up for a Paleo friend or family member and you want to make a delicious treat. There are a TON of Paleo friendly dessert recipes out there, and I’ve probably tried most of them. This is going to be a short and sweet (aha) list of the essential Paleo dessert recipes that you won’t regret keeping on hand.

Brownie Bites by Paleo Grubs 

Starting the list off strong with the...

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