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5 Easy Ways To Get Fit At Home

1 day ago - in Paleo Lifestyle - PrimalPal Blogger

Getting fit can be tough when your job requires you to spend the entire day sitting and you have a busy home life, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Building even a simple exercise routine can make a huge difference in your fitness level.

Here are a few things you can do at home to start getting fit today:

Yoga. Yoga alone probably won't give you a six pack, but it will increase your balance and build your strength, among many other fantastic benefits. Doing one 2-3 yoga exercises...

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How to Build a Workout Routine for YOU

5 days ago - in Paleo Lifestyle - PrimalPal Blogger

Whether you're a seasoned lifter or looking to implement weight training into your lifestyle, knowing how to build your own workout routines is a great skill to have. I've always built my own routines and it often starts from the outline of well known plans and tweaking them to match my goals. When you design your own plan you're taking your own physique and goals into account rather than using one that's designed for a general group of people or that someone developed specifically for...

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Bodyweight Strength Training Get Stronger Using Only Your Body

14 days ago - in Paleo Lifestyle - PrimalPal Blogger

Bodyweight fitness is the use of your own bodyweight to train in the form of pullups, pushups, and dip type movements. Most of the exercises can be done without any equipment which makes it a popular choice for those without access to a gym.

People are often capable of doing a high amount of repetitions of these movements, so how will you use them to gain strength? That’s a great question - one I too found myself asking before learning more about bodyweight strength training. We often think ...

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How to Set Your Macronutrients the Right Way on a Paleo Diet (Examples Included)

6/13/2015 - in Paleo Lifestyle - PrimalPal Blogger

Would you believe that your body composition and weight goals are determined almost entirely by your diet? That’s why macronutrient ratios are so important to understand. I’m going to provide some baseline numbers of protein that you want to be hitting consistently every day for bodily function. Carbohydrates will be determined based on your goals and activity levels, and fat will fill in the gaps.

How much protein should I consume each day on a paleo diet?

With various sources telling us ...

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