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Top Paleo Endurance Training Blogs

9/8/2015 - in Paleo Lifestyle - PrimalPal Blogger

Back in my prime when I was an active runner (1/2 marathons and 10k were my favorites) the standard line in regards to nutrition was to spend the day prior to the race doing an obscene amount of carb loading.  Filling your reserves with excess carbs to have more than sufficient fuel to stoke your engine the following day during the race.  While I must admit that this technique did work for me on race day – I had energy to spare and felt I could run forever, the actual carb loading process left...

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Finding Your BMR and TDEE

9/7/2015 - in Paleo Lifestyle - Riaz Missaghi

I received an email this past week from a fellow paleo follower who thought he was doing everything right, and yet he was grossly overweight.  What am I doing wrong he asked?  I eat clean, I train hard and yet I look like a mini version of the Pillsbury Doughboy. What gives?  While the answer may seem obvious to most of us, based upon this email and several anecdotal stories from colleagues I’ve realized that there is still a significant gap in knowledge that needs to be addressed.  So let me...

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What Do You Get in the 28 Day Reset Program?

9/2/2015 - in Transformation - PrimalPal Team

What do you get when you become a member of the 28 Day Reset?

You're getting access to a program that has been developed by working with thousands of people over the last few years. 
We've heard all the gripes, complaints and excuses when it comes to getting healthier and fitter.

So we built the 28 Day Reset program to get to the heart of the matter. What does that mean? It means the program is built with accountability and support at its core.

With that said, here's exactly what you...

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Introducing the FREE Philosophy to Help You Get Fit

8/31/2015 - in Transformation - PrimalPal Team

What does it take to lose body fat and keep it off? How do you cross the threshold of knowing what you should be doing to get in great shape, to actually doing it?

These are the questions we've wrestled with for the last few years running PrimalPal.

In the paleo community, the 30-day "challenge" promises to have the answer to these questions. But from our experience, and the experiences of thousands of people we've talked to, they miss the mark.

Sure, it's great to eat healthier for 30 ...

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