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Simplify Your Paleo Lifestyle for Success

6/22/2014 - in Paleo Lifestyle - chris lee

I'm a big fan of simplicity. Especially when it comes to diet and exercise.

Theres a tendency to make the paleo diet and lifestyle harder than it needs to be. There's a lot of science and jargon that gets thrown around on the blogosphere and in forums. Sometimes the intentions are good but a lot of this information just adds to the noise and confusion.

Being successful with any lifestyle change takes some dedication. But the more complex the change is the harder it is to stick with it. If ...

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Feed The Mind - This Week's Feedly Roundup

6/16/2014 - in Paleo Lifestyle - chris lee

I use an RSS reader called feedly to stay on top of content and find interesting things to read. Without it I'm not sure how I would manage to stay informed about my favorite blogs and websites.

Over the course of my week I read a lot of articles. Some I just skim and others I give a thorough read because they really captured my attention. That's what I want to share with you in this weekly segment on the PrimalPal blog. Usually it will be published over the weekend and will have the best...

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How To Get Back On Track With The Paleo Diet

6/15/2014 - in Motivation - chris lee

So you've been doing paleo for a while and you've seen some results. Maybe you've lost a few pounds and your energy has increased. But something starts to eat at you. You see people enjoying foods you used to enjoy and you think that you should be able to eat those foods too. Your motivation starts to slip.

Despite knowing what these foods do to your health and how they make you feel you decide to eat them anyway. "Just this once," you might say. Next thing you know you're eating a diet that ...

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Use the Principles of Mastery to Overcome Hurdles

6/9/2014 - in Motivation - chris lee

Making any kind of lifestyle change is hard. When you set out to change a habit you have no way of knowing what obstacles will get in your way. Obstacles can be mental, emotional or physical.

Clients tell us all the time that one of the big obstacles getting in their way was a lack of planning. If only they could plan meals consistently everything would be easy. They could lose all the weight they wanted to lose and be really happy with what they saw in the mirror. But it isn’t that simple....

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