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What Do You Get in the 28 Day Reset Program?

What do you get when you become a member of the 28 Day Reset? You're getting access to a program that has been developed by working with thousands of people over the last few years.  We've heard

Introducing the FREE Philosophy to Help You Get Fit

What does it take to lose body fat and keep it off? How do you cross the threshold of knowing what you should be doing to get in great shape, to actually doing it? These are the questions we've

Paleo Intermittent Fasting: Benefits And How To Do It

To fast is to abstain from all kinds of food and drink (other than water).  After 1-3 days of not eating anything, the body will enter ketosis.  This happens when the body exhausts it’s supply of

How Meal Planning Can Help You Lose Body Fat

"He who fails to plan is planning to fail" - Winston Churchill    This old maxim is true in many areas of life. But it's especially true when we seek to make drastic changes to our lifestyle. The

Counting Calories for Fat Loss on a Paleo Diet

A common question when switching to the paleo diet is, do I still have to count calories? The short answer is yes, but maybe not as you have had to before. It’s always important to know what you’re

How To Get Back On Track With The Paleo Diet

So you've been doing paleo for a while and you've seen some results. Maybe you've lost a few pounds and your energy has increased. But something starts to eat at you. You see people enjoying foods

Use the Principles of Mastery to Overcome Hurdles

Making any kind of lifestyle change is hard. When you set out to change a habit you have no way of knowing what obstacles will get in your way. Obstacles can be mental, emotional or physical.

Free Paleo Meal Plan to Help You Lose Weight Before Summer Arrives

If you're trying to drop a few pounds before summer arrives you still have time. Summer is still seven whole weeks away! You can make a lot of progress in that period of time but it's going to take

5 Free Paleo Meal Plans for You

For this weeks free paleo meal plan giveaway we're trying something different. Instead of just giving you one meal plan that has five dinner recipes we're going to give you five of our most popular