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Free Paleo Diet Meal Plan

1 day ago - in Free Paleo Meal Plans - Chris Hiestand

I'm excited to share this week's paleo diet meal plan with you. There has been a lot of activity with members adding new paleo recipes to the database. You can do the same thing and create your own custom paleo meal plans with PrimalPal.

This week's meal plan has some simple recipes to help you save time during the busy week and then we wrap up the week with an amazing barbecue chicken pizza with a crust that looks amazing and is paleo approved. So make sure to grab this meal plan and shock...

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Free Paleo Meal Plan for Your Week

7 days ago - in Free Paleo Meal Plans - Chris Hiestand

I hope you're excited about spring finally arriving and all the opportunities coming upĀ to use your outdoor grill! I grilled some steaks yesterday and they were awesome. While my indoor oven method of cooking steaks is great, nothing beats cooking steak over a flame.

This week's paleo meal plan has a couple of recipes that will give you an opportunity to use your grill. Enjoy!

Free Paleo Meal Plan (fire up the grill!)

Click here to get this week's free paleo meal plan and shopping...

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Free Paleo Meal Plan to Make Your Mouth Water and Your Tummy Trimmer

15 days ago - in Free Paleo Meal Plans - Chris Hiestand

This week's meal plan has a little bit of everything. All good stuff that you and the family will enjoy. We scour the best recipes that our users find and use for their own meal plans in PrimalPal.

You can do the same thing if you want to get a membership to PrimalPal. You can add recipes that you create or ones that you find browsing the web. Either way you're creating a valuable collection of paleo recipes that are always at your fingertips. If you're just leaving work and don't have...

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Calfornia Beef vs Minnesota Beef

18 days ago - in Paleo Lifestyle - Chris Hiestand

How animals are cared for and handled during their lives has an impact on the quality of the meat they produce. The taste of a steak can be attributed to what the animal ate, it's fat content, stress levels, environment and how the meat was processed after the slaughter. It's easy to see that the lifestyle of beef cattle will have an impact on the taste of your dinner.

So when I was approached by TX OrganicsĀ to do a taste comparison between California grass-fed beef and Minnesota grass-fed...

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