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A complete program to create

Long-Term Results

A 28 Day Reset Action Plan

You get 28 days of actionable strategies to help you create a healthy and fit lifestyle that will last a lifetime. Sent to your email inbox daily.

Create Custom Meal Plans

Create custom paleo and primal meal plans in minutes. Collect, manage and plan all your favorite paleo and primal recipes.

Your Accountability Partner

Create a personal paleo Success Goal. Is your goal 100% paleo, 90/10 or 80/20? Use the goal progress to stay accountable and reach your goals!

This is not just another

Paleo Challenge

why are we so confident we can make a difference?
Chances are you've tried a paleo challenge or know someone who has. These strict challenges, even though well intentioned, set you up for failure.

How can this be? Simple, these challenges are based on you following strict dietary rules using all the willpower you can muster. After depriving yourself and trying to be perfect for 30 days we all know what happens.

You finish the "challenge" and it's a full on binge fest! Leaving you feeling guilty, defeated and erasing any progress you made.

Stop the insanity! This type of dietary roller coaster is not necessary to reach your goals and live a healthy lifestyle. Our 28 Day Reset program is designed to give you strategies, tools and mental frameworks to create lasting change.

Get off the paleo challenge roller coaster once and for all and start living the healthy lifestyle you desire!

A complete program with tools to help you

Take Action!

Ensure you reach your goals!
Instead of investing in an ebook with a list of strict, obscure dietary rules to follow with generic, static meal plans, enjoy a complete program that comes with a set of tools to ensure you reach your goals.
Get Access to:
  • The 28 Day Reset Lifestyle Program
  • Paleo Recipe Management and Meal Planning Software
  • Access to Thousands of Paleo Recipes
  • Goal setting and Accountability Software
  • Success Tracker and Ebook

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Check out our 28 day reset program
We totally guarantee your satisfaction with the 28 Day Reset Program, the PrimalPal Recipe Management and Meal Planning Software and all the other resources

In fact, we back it with a no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you're not satisfied just let us know within 30 days and we'll refund 100% of your money. No catch. No questions asked.

We're so confident that you'll love the program that if you decide to get a refund you'll be able to keep all the programming, resources and tools.

We're taking all the risk so you can get started today on the path to achieving your goals and creating a healthy, energetic and vibrant lifestyle!

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Lifetime access to everything!

The 28 day reset program

Strategies, tips and tools delivered to your inbox every day for 28 Days to help you create an awesome, healthy lifestyle. Actually get results that last!

PrimalPal Recipe Management and
Meal Planning Software

Put all your favorite paleo recipes at your fingertips. Collect, organize and plan many recipe you want. Select from a database of thousands of recipes or add any recipe from the internet with the easy to use recipe bookmarklet.

Goal Setting and Accountability Software

PrimalPal includes a goal widget right in your membership dashboard that allows you to set and track a paleo goal. Whether that's 100% paleo, 90/10 or 80/20 you can set it and track it with PrimalPal.

Success Tracker and E-book

Get access to the 28 Day Reset Success Tracker companion ebook. This tracker helps you create healthy lifestyle habits over the course of the 28 Day Reset Program.

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