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Paleo Intermittent Fasting: Benefits And How To Do It

To fast is to abstain from all kinds of food and drink (other than water or coffee from a french press for example).  After 1-3 days of not eating anything, the body will enter ketosis.  This happens

Free Paleo Meal Plan to Help You Lose Weight Before Summer Arrives

If you're trying to drop a few pounds before summer arrives you still have time. Summer is still seven whole weeks away! You can make a lot of progress in that period of time but it's going to take

5 Free Paleo Meal Plans for You

For this weeks free paleo meal plan giveaway we're trying something different. Instead of just giving you one meal plan that has five dinner recipes we're going to give you five of our most popular

A Paleo Meal Plan for You

We hear from a lot of people during the week. They tell us what some of their challenges are and what actions they need to take to reach their health and fitness goals. It's interesting that a lot of

Free Paleo Diet Meal Plan

I'm excited to share this week's paleo diet meal plan with you. There has been a lot of activity with members adding new paleo recipes to the database. You can do the same thing and create your own

Free Paleo Meal Plan for Your Week

I hope you're excited about spring finally arriving and all the opportunities coming up to use your outdoor grill! I grilled some steaks yesterday and they were awesome. While my indoor oven method

Free Paleo Meal Plan to Make Your Mouth Water and Your Tummy Trimmer

This week's meal plan has a little bit of everything. All good stuff that you and the family will enjoy. We scour the best recipes that our users find and use for their own meal plans in PrimalPal.

Paleo Meal Plan (3/29/14)

I have a fresh paleo meal plan for you this week. Make sure to download it and, most importantly, use it. These free meal plans give you recipes for dinner Monday through Friday. This is a hectic

Quick Updates and a Free Paleo Meal Plan

Hope you're doing well. It's been a busy week at PrimalPal. I was a guest on the Paleohacks podcast this week talking about some mindset stuff. It was a lot of fun talking with Clark Danger and it