Setting Your PrimalPal Food Preferences and Doing Paleo with Allergies

May 5, 2013
Paleo Meal Planner

Hey, it's Chris with PrimalPal. I wanted to talk about the “Food Preferences” page inside a PrimalPal. What this allows you to do is tell PrimalPal, which ingredients or types of foods you are either allergic to or sensitive to or you're just cutting out for whatever reason.

Maybe you are doing a really strict paleo challenge and you need to cut out dairy or things like that. What you can do is look through the list, see if you have anything that you are allergic to or that you want to restrict. You simply go over to the right and check "Yes", and what does that is that it tells PrimalPal that you want to know if a recipe contains this food item or ingredient.

You hit "Save Preferences" it will tell you that everything has been updated successfully. And now when you're looking at the recipes or any page that has recipes, it will actually highlight any recipe that contains ingredients or food that you're allergic to or sensitive to.

For instance, it will highlight the pizza tart here with a red color, because we had things like dairy checked off, and the pizza tart actually calls for some cheese in the recipe. PrimalPal will let you know which recipes have ingredients you're sensitive or allergic to.

What you can do is you can actually come over here to the filter recipes box, you can hit the "My Preferences" button and that will actually extract out all of the recipes that contain items that you've restricted.

You can see there are no red recipes in here. That means all the recipes that contain items that you're filtering out have been taken out of your search results. Very simple tool to use to make your paleo meal planning even easier.

If you're doing any sort of paleo challenge and you need to cut out things like dairy and sugars and things like that, just set those in your food preferences and it will make finding recipes a lot easier.

Go ahead and get started with planning your meals and using the food preferences inside the PrimalPal Meal Planner. If you're not a member make sure you sign up for free trial and give the PrimalPal system a try. We'll be happy to have you as a new member!

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