How to Use Individual Paleo Recipe Pop Ups and Pages

May 5, 2013
Paleo Meal Planner

Hey, it's Chris with PrimalPal. Let's talk about the individual recipe pop-ups and pages. Anywhere in PrimalPal we wanted to make it as easy as possible to look at the recipe, know what you're planning and know what you are getting yourself into.

Anywhere in the Meal Planner whether you're in the Meal Planner view itself, or you're over here in the filter results, or if you're over here in the "All Recipes" page or anywhere really. If you click on an individual recipe, it will pop-up and you will see the source of the recipe. You will see what course it's set for, approximate preparation time, cooking time. How many servings this is set up for. All the ingredients and the direction to go along with it.

The other cool thing about the recipe page is that, you can go ahead and plan from here. Here's the planning pop-up, again you can just choose which course you want to have it. Which day you want to plan that for, hit add the plan.

Let's say we want to have it for lunch on the 18th hit "add to plan." It will tell you that it has been added to your meal plan.

You can also use these pages to add recipes to your "My Recipes" favorites page. It you have already added the recipe it will ask you if you want to remove it, or if you haven't added it yet. Let's go to one that maybe we haven't added it yet. Let's click on this one. It will say add to my recipe which is your favorite recipes. We'll go ahead and add that, now that's a favorite.

You can also print this out if you wish. Anyhow this individual recipe page, like I said, is accessible anywhere you see individual recipes. For example I'm here on the Meal Planner, if I want to take a look at this ... let's see here the Paleo Pad Thai, I just click on that one and we get the same pop-up. Let's say you want to plan this. You already have it in your plan this week, but you want to add it to your plan for next week. Simply add it to your plan right there. I really love this recipe. I'm going to add this to my recipes.

I mean there are a million different things you can do from the individual recipe page. But anyway have fun. If you're a member go ahead get in to the Meal Planner and find some delicious recipes to prepare for this week and plan.

If you're not a member yet, I mean what are you waiting for? Let's get you signed up. This is the only way to plan your Paleo meals. You stick with your plan and you achieve results. That's what this is all about. Sign up for your free trial, you're going to love it and we'll see you in the member’s area.

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