How to Use and Navigate the All Recipes Page in PrimalPal

May 5, 2013
Paleo Meal Planner

Hey, it's Chris with PrimalPal. Today we are going to get to know what we call the "All Recipes" page. You find this page under the main "Recipes" page and then the very first page is the "All Recipes" page. In this page is exactly what it says it is. It contains every recipe that is inside the PrimalPal Meal Planning System.

The number of recipes gets bigger everyday as more people submit recipes. It grows every week, every month, there's more recipes added. This will never get smaller. It will only continue to get bigger, because the amount of food and recipes you can eat on a Paleo diet really it's a huge amount and there's nothing that will make you have to feel deprived or anything like that. You always have something new to eat and try out.

On the "All Recipes" page what it shows you is a small picture of this recipe or whatever recipe you're looking at. Here we have Chinese Five Spice Lettuce Wraps, we have Pizza Tart here. You can just continue scrolling down and it's one of those infinity pages. It will just fill up with more recipes as you continue to scroll.

You can also use the search and filter capabilities over here in the "All Recipes" page. The best part is if you want to plan a certain recipe and include it in your meal plan for the week. All you have to do is hit "Plan" and this will pop-up and will give you the opportunity to choose which course you want to include the recipe in. Let's say we want to have this for dinner and then you choose which day. Then you simply click "Add to Plan" it's as simple as that.

Anything that's highlighted red, it will tell you that it contains restricted items. Those are set in your "Preferences" page, so you can tell PrimalPal what you're allergic to or what you're sensitive to. It will tell you, "Hey, this contains items that you're trying to keep out of your meal plan." Really that's all there is to it.

The only other thing I'll mention is you can add to "My Recipes." Let's say this is one of your favorite recipes that you found. Just simply click "Add to My Recipes" it will tell you recipes have been marked as "My Recipe." That means when you click on "My Recipes" up here that recipe would be there for you. You can also use that when you're searching in the Meal Planner view and bring up all your favorite recipes to include your Meal Plan. 

That's the "All Recipes" page, very simple to use. You can plan your meals from anywhere inside this page and you can use the search and filter functionality to make finding delicious Paleo meals very easy. Make sure you go in and start finding some delicious recipes to plan. If you're not a member yet, go ahead and sign up for free trial. Once you start trying to use the Meal Planner, you're going to love it. We'll be happy to have you as a member.

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