How to Remove Ingredients From Your Shopping List

May 6, 2013

Hi! This is Chad with PrimalPal. I'm going to show you how your "Shopping List" is organized and also show you how you can remove items from your "Shopping List" that you might already have. You can see that the ingredients in the "Shopping List" are organized under different categories. We have Herb and Spices, Produce, Meat, Fats and Oils, Nuts and Seeds, Dairy, Pantry, Seafood, Canned/Jarred and Beverages. These are all sections at your local grocery store and so that's how we've organized the "Shopping List".

You'll notice the Pantry items are ingredients that don't fit into any of the other categories. We've simply labelled them under Pantry. As far as removing ingredients from your "Shopping List", it's very simple, you can see that you have the little check boxes within the "Shopping List." You simply click on the box and it will remove the item from the "Shopping List" once you share or print your list.

Herbs and Spices is really the big one. You will probably have a lot of these on hand. You don't need to purchase them every time you go to the grocery store and so you can remove them from your shopping list. I've found that this actually helps you stay on top of what you're going to need. I always go through my herbs and spices to see what I might need as they come up. I've found this helps you to better stay on top of your herbs and spices.

Okay, the other big area is going to be the Fats and Oils. Coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil most Paleo veterans keep on hand, so if you do, you can check it off the list.

Pantry  is the next big area. I usually keep almond and coconut flour on hand.  If this is the case for you, you can smply check if the list as something you don't need.

I have found that this process helps me to keep on top of the ingredients I have on hand.  It makes me concious of what I have in the kitchen.

That is it, that is how the "Shopping List" is organized and also how to remove the different ingredients from your "Shopping List". I hope that was helpful. Make sure you sign up for PrimalPal if you haven’t already, so you can start reaching your goals with the Paleo lifestyle. Thanks for tuning in.

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