Just for Today

Oct 21, 2013

I was reading a book recently where the author talked about spending time in rehab to cure his alcoholism and then later he joined AA. He said that he would become overwhelmed by the thought of never having a drink for the rest of his life. He was sharing this thought with some other AA members and one of them told him something that would help. He said, “You don’t have to avoid having a drink for the rest of your life, it’s just for today.”

This became the author’s motto, “Just for today.”

This could also be the motto for anyone trying to overcome a big problem or a huge, complex task. Transitioning to a paleo lifestyle is a great example. Instead of looking at your goal of going paleo and getting overwhelmed that you’ll never have another grain in your life simply decide to not eat grains today.

If you’re overwhelmed by not drinking sugary sodas for the rest of your life realize that you only have today to get through. Just decide not to drink sugary sodas today. It is a fresh start every day. You decide what type of day it will be. Will you live a healthy lifestyle today? It’s all up to you.

But what about yesterday? What about the past? I’ve messed up and failed...

What about it? I’ve messed up and you’ve messed up. We’ve all messed up. It doesn’t matter. Today is all that we need to concern ourselves with. Trust yourself to do good today. The past does not equal the future.

Every now and then it’s easy to get sucked into the past and think about the failures. It’s easy to think about all the times you tried to lose weight and then gained it all back. It’s easy to think about the weird fad diets you tried that had poor results and left you feeling drained, sick and tired. But that person in the past was a different person. You’ve gotten smarter since then and you’ve learned a thing or two. Today you can make better decisions. It’s a fresh start!

And what if you screw up today? Well, you look at the situation for what it is, a flat tire. It’s one of those things that happens once, you acknowledge that it happened, you fix it and make the adjustment, and you move on. When you get a flat tire you don’t junk the whole car. The same is true with going paleo. Just because you caved under temptation and had a donut this morning doesn’t mean that paleo won’t work for you. Just pick up where you left off and do better the rest of the day.

What about the future? I don’t see it. I don’t see myself being successful...

Just like it’s easy to get sucked into the past it’s easy to throw ourselves into the future. But remember that the future doesn’t exist. It hasn’t happened yet. The decisions you make today are what will design the future.

So instead of worrying about the future and whether you’ll reach your goals, simply picture the you that you want to be. That picture you have in your head is the real you. It’s the present you. Every day you simply need to make decisions that align with the person you really are.

Just for today. Be the real you.

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