How to Read Your Shopping List

May 6, 2013

Hi everyone, this is Chad with PrimalPal. Today I'm going to show you how to read your "Shopping List." 

You will notice on the left hand side of you screen there is the "Recipe Key".  The "Recipe Key" shows you all of the recipes that you have currently planned within the date range you've selected. In the date range selecter you have the ability to select "Today" for your "Shopping List", "The Next 7 Days", "The Next 15 Days", or "The Next 30 Days".

If I plan for, "Today", the shopping list will automatically aggregate all of the ingredients for the receipes being planned today.  In this example, I will need 14 different ingredients. And then you can see the "Shopping List" is set up in a way, where you can quickly and easily get the things that you need at the local grocery store. It's categorized to match the layout of most grocery stores. 

Then in the upper right hand corner, you have the ability to share your list. You can share the list with yourself, friend, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend....anyone!  I usually email it to myself so I can pull it up on my phone and have it with me at the grociery store.  If you're someone who like the good ole' fashiioned paper copy, then you can also print it out.

The shopping list overall is pretty straight forward. So that's the "Shopping List". Make sure that if you haven't signed up for the PrimalPal you do so, as you can start reaching your goals with the Paleo lifestyle. Thanks for tuning in.

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