Navigating Your Membership Profile Page

May 6, 2013

Navigating your Membership Profile Page:

Your membership Profile Page is where you can manage your PrimalPal membership. From the this page you can upload your picture, change your username, password, personal information, manage your membership, and leave us feedback. Basically everything relating to your membership and then some.

Uploading a Photo:

Everyone can upload their own picture by just clicking on "Change Picture". You can upload your favorite mug or icon. Managing your Username and Password: You can easily manage your username and password.

Managing your Personal Information:

In this area you can manage your First Name, Last Name, Location, Gender, Website you might me affiliated with and also an “about me” section. No one will see this information but us (Chris and Chad). This section helps us to better understand our members so please take a few seconds to fill this section in. The Location is pretty cool, it allows us to see where all the members are located. It is really fun to see the members we get from all over the world. Also, if you are affiliated with a website, let us know. We like checking out websites that our members might have. You can put that in there. The About Me section is important so we can get to know our members better. Let us know what you’re into, from Crossfit to being a Paleo mom. This information helps us to continue to make PrimalPal the best possible meal planning system.

Membership Details:

On the right side of the page it will show you all of your membership details. You can see the membership you purchased, the date your membership was purchased, your renewal date, and the cost of your membership. You also have the capability to download your payment history if you would like.

Managing your membership:

If you ever want to upgrade your membership, downgrade your membership, or even cancel your membership, you can do that by simply clicking on the “Manage Membership” button. It’s that easy.

Leaving Feedback:

We love feedback. The good, the bad, and the ugly. We like to know what’s working and would could be better. In order for us to continue making PrimalPal the best customizable meal planner, we need your feedback. Don’t be shy, drop us a line. That is "Your Membership Profile" page and how to navigate it. If you have additional questions, just drop us line from your membership page.

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