Free Paleo Meal Plan Friday (6/7/13)

Jun 7, 2013
Paleo Meal Plan

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." --Abraham Lincoln

Are you tackling your health and fitness in a haphazard manner? So much of achieving goals comes down to planning and execution. Notice I didn't say execution and planning. That's because planning always comes before execution.

Sure, you could try to just wing it and see what happens but your results will show that you didn't give the planning process the attention it deserves. Let's put a premium on planning. It makes executing much easier and effective.

And besides, we're doing the planning for you every Friday. You just need to embrace the plan, make some tweaks if you'd like and then execute the plan.

Executing is the best part because you get to prepare and eat tasty paleo meals. Just make sure to give planning the time it deserves even if it simply means coming here every Friday and downloading the free paleo meal plan.

To make getting the free paleo meal plans even easier you can sign up for our mailing list and we'll send the paleo meal plan straight to your inbox every week. How easy is that?

We're happy to help you with the planning as long as you stay committed to fueling your health and body with real food. Deal? Awesome! Here's the free paleo meal plan for this week.

Free Paleo Meal Plan (You need a plan Stan!)

We are grateful for everyone that visits our website and downloads the free meal plans. Please share this post and spread the message of good health by eating real food.

Click here to download your free paleo meal plan.

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If you want to create your own customized paleo meal plan simply sign up for a free trial and see if you like the PrimalPal system. No obligation to keep your membership if it isn't for you. You can cancel at any time. We think you'll like what you experience.

Dinner recipes featured in this week's paleo meal plan:

Taco Soup from What I Gather

Ultimate Paleo Pad Thai from Christian Jax

Seafood Lovers Tilapia Cakes from Paleo Amore

Healthier Chicken Parmesan from Stuff I Make My Husband

Eggplant Sliders from Popular Paleo with Perfect Paleo Potato Salad from Three Diets One Dinner

Eat well and live well. Cheers!

Your Favorite Paleo
Recipes at Your Fingertips!

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