Meet the Paleo Blogger - Tarah from What I Gather

Jun 19, 2013
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We're continuing our weekly post to introduce you to a talented paleo blogger. We love getting to know these people better because they bring so much happiness into our lives with the delicious paleo recipes they create and their positive outlook on health and life.

This week we want to introduce you to a creative paleo blog and the person behind it. We asked Tarah from What I Gather a few questions about her approach to living a paleo lifestyle and what she does to overcome challenges.

Let's get to know creative paleo recipe creator from What I Gather.

Meet the Paleo Blogger - Tarah from What I Gather

[PrimalPal] Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where you're from, what your hobbies are and where we're likely to find on the interwebs.

[Tarah] My name is Tarah and I live in Indiana with my husband, two dogs and (by the time you read this) our first baby. You can find my recipes and healthy living musings on my blog, What I Gather. Aside from cooking, I love reading, cycling, running, swimming, CrossFit, triathlon, backpacking with my husband and just being outdoors!

[PrimalPal] Why did you decide to go paleo/primal with your nutrition?

[Tarah] It has been almost two years since we adopted a paleo lifestyle. I didn’t know much about it, but after my husband brought it up, I did some research. It only took me one afternoon of reading to realize that it just made sense to stop eating all of the processed junk and eat only real foods!

[PrimalPal] What has been the biggest challenge with being paleo/primal? How do you overcome this challenge?

[Tarah] The biggest challenge has been figuring out how to eat this way when we are away from home. Restaurants, traveling, work lunches and family get togethers present challenges because we are not totally in control of the food that is available to us.

We usually just check out menus before we go to new restaurants and pack our own food along on trips. When I know there is a work or family function coming up, I usually try to find out what food will be served ahead of time. That way we can eat beforehand if we need to. My family is so accustomed to the way we eat now that they usually bring something that they know we will enjoy.

[PrimalPal] What's your go-to kitchen tool/gadget/appliance that you couldn't live without?

[Tarah] Food processor, for sure! I mostly use it for shredding and chopping veggies, but it also comes in handy for making yummy banana soft serve!

[PrimalPal] What is you're favorite paleo dish/recipe to make and eat? Why?

[Tarah] One of the first meals we learned to cook was Puerto Rican Beef from Everyday Paleo and we still have it almost every week. It is so good!

[PrimalPal] Parting Shot: What's the biggest lesson you've learned so far from eating and living paleo/primal?

[Tarah] The biggest lesson I have learned is that we are SO much more in control of our health and well-being than we realize. By providing our bodies with proper nutrition, we are laying the groundwork for a long and healthy life!

"By providing our bodies with proper nutrition, we are laying the groundwork for a long and healthy life!" [Tweet This]

Special thanks to Tarah from What I Gather for sharing her insights to our questions. We hope you'll check out What I Gather and incorporate some of the awesome recipes from the blog in your next paleo meal plan.

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