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Jul 3, 2013
Paleo Recipe Blog Freckled Italian

We are back on track with meet the paleo blogger posts. I try to publish these on Wednesday and last week I had no power due to some high wind storms. But we're all powered up now. All grass-fed beef was saved as well as all the organic, free-range eggs. I've learned not to take the refrigerator for granted.

This week we're talking to the Freckled Italian, Megan Flynn. She cooks up some amazing stuff on her blog and as far as I can tell she is an expert at instagram and way more fashionable than I am. :)

Let's talk to Megan!

Paleo Blogger Hot Seat with Megan of Freckled Italian

[PrimalPal] Tell us a little bit about yourself... Where you're from, what your hobbies are and where we're likely to find on the interwebs.

[Megan] I was born in California but raised in Virginia. In August, I will call Minneapolis home! I love to read, write, cook, eat, do pull-ups, and run. You can find me at Freckled Italian, where I blog about my life, and at Cave Girl Consulting, where I offer Paleo advice.  

[PrimalPal] Why did you decide to go paleo/primal with your nutrition?

[Megan] I was always sick--dizzy, nauseated, anxious. I had acne and alopecia areata and was starting to significantly gain weight for the first time. My mom had been going to CrossFit and told me about Paleo, and I decided to just go for it. I've never felt better, and I can't imagine ever going back to feeling and eating the way I used to.

[PrimalPal] What has been the biggest challenge with going/being paleo/primal? How do you overcome this challenge?

[Megan] It was hard at first to just completely change the way I thought about food. I was coming from a low-fat, almost vegetarian, and very whole grain mindset, so to move from that place to a space where fat is not your enemy and protein is your friend was a little bizarre.

It was also hard when close friends didn't understand. For the most part, everyone supported me, but it took a few awkward conversations and dinner parties before some people suspended their judgment.

[PrimalPal] What's your go-to kitchen tool/gadget/appliance that you couldn't live without?

[Megan] I need a good knife. I've cut myself too many times on cheap, old ones.

[PrimalPal] What is you're favorite paleo dish/recipe to make and eat? Why?

[Megan] I'm a big fan of wrapping things in bacon. Avocados, dates, and jalapeños are a few of my favorites.

[PrimalPal] Parting Shot: What's the biggest lesson you've learned so far from eating and living paleo/primal?

[Megan] I have learned to trust and truly care for my body. As a person who used to drink sugary lattes and eat pasta and bread every day (and loved it!), I can honestly tell you that going Paleo has barely been a sacrifice. To wake up every morning and go to bed every night feeling well is worth the work it takes, and I never knew that before Paleo.

"To wake up every morning and go to bed every night feeling well is worth the work it takes." [Tweet This]

Awesome stuff! Thanks to Megan of the Freckled Italian Blog for taking some time to answer our questions. You should jump over to Megan's blog and check out what paleo goodness she's cooking up.

If you'd like to include some of her awesome recipes in your own custom paleo meal plan then sign up for a free trial of the PrimalPal custom paleo meal planner.

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