Free Whole30 Meal Plan and Shopping List (Days 1 to 7)

Aug 2, 2013
Whole30 Experience

Welcome to a special addition of Free Paleo Meal Plan Friday. If you saw my post on Thursday then you know that I am doing a Whole30 for the month of August. I've never done any kind of organized paleo challenge before so this will be an interesting experience.

Even though I've been living a paleo lifestyle for a long time I still eat the occasional non-paleo treat and I've been known to enjoy an adult beverage or two! So it will be good to hit the "reset button" over the next 30 days with the Whole30 Challenge.

Sharing the Whole30 Experience

My goal will be to share the whole journey with you. I'll be writing blog posts and shooting videos to give you a firsthand look at what it's like to go through a Whole30. You'll be getting all of my meal plans, workout ideas, and strategies that I'll be using during my Whole30.

If you're doing the Whole30 along with me I hope the information I share helps you stay motivated and makes the process a bit less stressful. Together we can make this Whole30 a success!

Here's the first video I shot for you along with a link for the first Whole30 Paleo Meal Plan and the Whole30 Experience Tracker I made for you.

Tips and Resources for Week One of The Whole30 Experience:

1. Go to Whole9Life website and checkout this post on what you can and can't eat during Whole30

2. Download the free Whole30 Paleo Meal Plan

Free #Whole30 meal plan and shopping list from @PrimalPal No cheats, no slips, no exuses. [Tweet This]

3. Download the free Whole30 Experience Tracker and Daily Prompts

4. Get a journal to track your Whole30 Experience

5. Get a trusty water bottle to keep by your side so you stay hydrated and have a weapon to fight off cravings

Let's rock this Whole30! Planning will be crucial during the Whole30 so if you want to create your own Whole30 compliant paleo meal plans and shopping lists then sign-up for a free trial of PrimalPal. It's your secret weapon in the battle to complete a successful Whole30!

If you're doing a Whole30 along with me please share this post on facebook and come join us on our facebook page!

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