Whole30 Meal Plan and Shopping List for Week 2

Aug 9, 2013
Whole30 Paleo Meal Plan

What's up!? I have another awesome Whole30 compliant paleo meal plan and shopping list for you this week. If you're doing the Whole30 along with me I hope it's going well.

Have you had any major challenges yet? I know I have. I play in a men's softball league in the summer and let's just say that there have been a few adult beverages that are consumed during and after our games.

Usually, I might have a cold one to celebrate a victory but I haven't been able to for the last few outings because of my Whole30.

How to Handle Peer Pressure During the Whole30

Now, this isn't anything that I'm really struggling with. In fact, the most difficult part is having to explain over and over again why I'm not indulging. It's actually very interesting to witness people's reactions to my "experiment" with the Whole30. Most people are very accepting. Sure, I get razzed a little bit. But it's not anything that is going to make me curl up in a corner crying.

I know there are some more challenging social engagements happening this month. That's what happens when you choose the end of summer to do a Whole30 challenge. I'll battle through it.

If you find yourself in social situations where you're worried about peer pressure and getting the "you're weird" look from your friends, just stay calm. You don't owe anyone an explanation. If you don't want to eat certain foods or drink certain beverages it's well within your right to do so.

Sometimes it can be easy to go overboard with an in-depth explanation of why you're paleo or doing a Whole30. Resist the urge to dive deep with your responses to the "why aren't you eating/drinking _____?" questions.

I find that 90% of the time just saying, "no thanks, I'm not having any _____" works great. If you're around strangers they won't think anything of it. If it's your close friends and they want to rib you a little, so what.

Stay focused on you during this Whole30 challenge. Get yourself healthy and fit. Be the example. Be the change.

Whole30 Paleo Meal Plan and Shopping List (It's free and it's wonderful!)

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