Whole30 Week 3 Paleo Meal Plan and Shopping List

Aug 16, 2013

Can you believe that the Whole30 challenge is half over? Crazy! So far I would have to say it's been a good experience. It's been really interesting to pay attention to my internal dialogue when I have cravings.

I've been able to let my cravings pass without much effort. But I'm more aware of how often I think about food. Like if I want to procrastinate from my work or if I'm feeling bored, my mind instantly starts thinking about food I could eat. Do you relate?

It's good to have hobbies and interests outside of food. Otherwise I would just eat all of the time! That's why I think trying new things during the Whole30 is a good idea. Try something you've been wanting to try but haven't yet.

I went mountain biking for the first time. It was a blast. We peddled almost 12 miles worth of trails. I got a great workout and I wasn't sitting around obsessing about eating. Plus I got to spend some time with friends.

Take this time to get outside and be more active. It's amazing how little I think about food when I'm focused on a project or I'm engaged in physical activity. I always feel better when I take time to be active every day. I suggest you try to get outside every day if you can. Get some sunshine and enjoy the ability to be active.

Let's make this third week of the Whole30 paleo challenge a success! Here's your paleo meal plan and shopping list for the week.

Whole30 Paleo Meal Plan and Shopping List (paleo success starts here)

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Quick note about these free Whole30 paleo meal plans. The whole purpose of this was to give you a look over my shoulder to see how I eat. Some mornings I skip breakfast on purpose. That means that there will be a blank breakfast day. I'm not suggesting you practice fasting. But use this as a free spot to plan whatever you want. If there is a lunch spot open it just means I'm using leftovers for lunch. I do this a lot. Leftovers from dinner the night before make planning lunches easy.

If you want to create a custom Whole30 paleo meal plan you can do so by becoming a PrimalPal member. It's free to try and we know you'll enjoy finding, planning and eating new paleo recipes. Planning your week is fun and easy. Don't leave your goals to chance. Join PrimalPal and start planning for paleo success!

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