Life of a Whole30 Business Traveler Days 2 and 3

Aug 22, 2013
Whole30 While Traveling

The past two days have been full of the somewhat unfun part of work travel - work! I’m a consumer insights jockey by trade, so for me work travel means lots of driving, sitting, and listening to people talk about our topic of interest in great detail. This work involves hours and hours of concentration with very few breaks. Perhaps this is how your work travel goes too?

Because of my irregular hours and rigid schedule, I try to plan in advance as best I can to maintain as healthy a lifestyle as possible on the road. On Tuesday I didn’t need to head out until 11:30, so I woke up early, ate a banana while I blasted through some email, and then headed to a local CrossFit gym for a drop-in workout. I met some new people, got some mobility stretching in, and sweat about 4 gallons in an hour. Good times.

Whole30 Meals While Traveling 

I’m never hungry right after working out, so I packed up a little snack bag to take with me for the rest of the day. I purchased some items from the grocery store the day before, and while they’re not the type of thing I’d normally consider meal food, it was plenty to sustain me all day.

My food stash included dried seaweed, an apple, some sweet potato chips and some (unsulphured, organic, no sugar added) dried apricots. I didn’t even make it through half of what I brought with me because we didn’t have rest time scheduled at all. That said, I never really felt hungry either so I wasn’t suffering.

When I finally got home late that night, I ate the rest of the spinach I had bought the day before with a can of Wild Planet tuna, some cherry tomatoes and some mustard. I knew the mustard would come in handy again! I went to bed exhausted and full.

Wednesday morning I walked about 30 minutes to see an old friend for tea at Starbucks. On the walk back I stopped at Whole Foods and picked up some eats for the day since I wasn’t sure if I’d have time to stop later or not. I bought a couple hard boiled eggs, a banana, a pear, and some more snack-sized seaweed. Coupled with some of the leftovers from the day before, I packed up a decent amount of fuel for my long day.

We actually were able to stop between appointments and take a breather, and my colleagues wanted to stop at Whole Foods so I went there for about the fourth time this trip. I still had plenty of snacks, but decided to buy a rotisserie chicken that was calling my name. It didn’t have any weird ingredients, just chicken and some herbs. I also grabbed some blueberries to share.

While we were sitting outside enjoying our lunch and the beautiful weather, a woman walked past and started laughing and pointing at me and said my lunch would make a hilarious picture. Apparently me eating a rotisserie chicken is the funniest thing she saw all day. That’s right folks, I was made fun of by a complete stranger at Whole Foods. I’m that person. My colleague thought it was funny too, so she really did take a picture. If you understand why this is so funny, please let me know. I just really like chicken.

I’ll note that Whole Foods has many other Whole30-friendly options for those of you who aren’t obsessed with poultry. The salad bar is an obvious choice, but I also considered some tempting sashimi - sushi without the rice. Maybe next time.

Believe it or not I didn’t eat an entire chicken in one sitting. Instead I’m eating some of it now for a late dinner along with my leftover snack booty. I have tons of fruit left for breakfast and plane snacks tomorrow, so I’m feeling pretty good. I plan to wake up early and hit a hot yoga class and then go for a walk around a lake before taking off for another long day of work and then travel home.

I’m pretty proud that I’ve been able to stay Whole30 compliant and get some form of physical activity in each day that I’ve been traveling. I sincerely wasn’t sure if I’d be able to power through it, and I won’t lie and say it was easy to bypass the free wine happy hour at my hotel. But I stayed strong because I told Chris I would and I know there’s no way he’ll slip up at all. He’s even told his friends he’s not going to have a beer at his fantasy draft, which has resulted in nothing less than death threats. Good luck with that, Chris. When he talked about peer pressure, he means it.

I hope this has been helpful for you fellow road warriors. Any tips or tricks that I missed? Anything you struggle with that I didn’t touch on? Blow it up in the comments or email Chris. He really does read every single one.

Amelia is the creator of the blog Nut Free Paleo where she shares her paleo recipes and tips on living a paleo lifestyle while living with a nut allergy. You can use her recipes in your custom paleo meal plan by signing up for a free trial of PrimalPal.

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