Free Paleo Meal Plan Friday (9/13/13) and the Diligent Paleo Lifestyle

Sep 13, 2013

It's a beautiful Friday morning and the only way the day could get any better is to get a free paleo meal plan. We've got you covered. This week's meal plan keeps it simple and delicious!

Some Quick Motivation: The Diligent Paleo Lifestyle

The results you and I get in life are a direct reflection of how we spend our time. If you want to lose weight and be healthy you'll need to make decisions with your time that support those goals.

I can't tell all my friends that I want to look like a bodybuilder and then never go to the gym. I can't make excuses such as, "I just don't have enough time." If I really want to look like Arnold then I'll need to make the time to get to the gym. I have to make it happen or I'll never hit my goal.

What about you? What do you really want from the paleo lifestyle?

We send out an email to everyone that joins our mailing list asking them about their #1 goal. People have a lot of different goals but the one we hear most often is around losing weight. Getting rid of that last 20 pounds seems to be normal.

Losing weight comes down to how you spend your time. You have to spend time planning your meals, preparing your food, getting exercise, getting rest and having fun. I know it's not as easy as it sounds. I'm not trying to be flippant.

The idea is to make decisions with your time that support you. The paleo lifestyle is a 24 hour endeavor. Every day you need to make better decisions around food, exercise, sleep, stress management and relationships if you want to achieve your goal.

The definition of diligent is having or showing care and conscientiousness in one's work or duties. I think the word diligent perfectly sums up the paleo approach to nutrition. The paleo approach is all about being more thoughtful with our decisions and showing care for ourselves and others.

You have to be diligent and you have to be willing to invest the time if you want to achieve an outcome. You might be thinking, "duh, everyone knows this." Well, that may be true. But knowing and doing are two separate things. If you align your goals with how you spend your time, and you are diligent, great things will happen.

We want you to succeed! Paleo and primal nutrition is a great vehicle to help you live a happy and healthy life. Let's keep it simple. Success with the paleo diet is about being diligent. Plan your meals, prepare your meals and, most importantly, enjoy them!

Here's a free paleo meal plan to keep you going…

Free Paleo Diet Meal Plan (diligence never tasted so good)

This week's paleo meal plan is all about simplicity. There is no reason to feel like you have to deal with complex recipes and cooking techniques for every paleo meal. Keep it simple and easy with this week's free paleo meal plan.

Click here to download your free paleo diet meal plan (opens up a new window)

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Awesome paleo recipes featured in this week's paleo meal plan:

Sausage Stuffed Peppers from Eat The Cookie

Easy Pan-Fried Lemon Chicken from Stupid Easy Paleo

Parmesan "Breaded" Pork Chops from Purely Primal

Fajita Toreada from Luscious Low Carb

Jalapeño Dijon Grilled Chicken from Civilized Caveman Cooking

Please share this paleo meal plan with your friends so they can experience the positive benefits of eating delicious paleo meals. If you would like to create your own customized paleo meal plan and shopping list then sign-up for a free trial of PrimalPal today.

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