Free Paleo Meal Plan Friday (9/20/13) Paleo Comfort Food Edition

Sep 20, 2013

Happy Friday! There are two words to describe this week's free paleo meal plan, comfort food. Since the temps have been cooling off here in the upper Midwest I've been craving foods that warm the body and the soul. If you like hearty meals then this paleo meal plan will not disappoint.

Quick PrimalPal Paleo Meal Planner Update

We are literally a little over a week from releasing the new and improved PrimalPal paleo meal planner. It's a lot of work. I'm sure our programmer wants to kick our butts and we are burning the midnight oil testing and making sure things work but it will be worth it.

There is something else big happening in the paleo/primal community in the next couple of weeks and the new PrimalPal will be a part of it. So make sure you stay informed and sign-up for our email list. We'll even give you some free goodies for signing up.

Free Paleo Meal Plan (Comfort food has never been so healthy!)

Please share this paleo meal plan with your friends. It's a lot of fun finding paleo recipes and constructing easy to use paleo meal plans and we want as many people to get their hands on these freebies as possible. Thanks for your help.

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Awesome paleo recipes featured in this week's paleo meal plan:

Pan-Fried Pork Chops with Parsley Butter from Things My Belly Likes

One Pot Chorizo and Kale Soup from PaleoPot

Pot Roast with Sweet Potatoes from Purely Primal

Chicken Basil Meatloaf from PaleOMG

Shepherd's Pie from Mat for sjelen

Make sure to share this free paleo meal plan with others. It's easy to include these types of paleo recipes in your own customized paleo meal plan. All you need to do is become a member of PrimalPal and start enjoying the benefits of the diet we evolved to eat.

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