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Aug 18, 2015

Eating healthy is hard, at least it is for most people. You try your best to stick to a lifestyle change like eating differently and then you end up stuck in an eating rut. Some people end up eating pre-packaged, microwave ready meals for every meal of the day, which really isn’t the best of options for someone who has decided to go Paleo with their eating habits. Other people, just make large batches of two to three meals, and eat them every day. But how boring is that. We all want to be healthy, but no lifestyle change is sustainable if your taste buds are in a rut. One of the greatest things about living in the 21st century is that almost everything is available to you by way of the internet. The best thing for Paleo eaters, like yourself, is having a variety of different paleo recipe websites to help you avoid the doldrums of eating changes. The following is a list of some of the best free Paleo recipe websites, to help you break out of your food rut.

Fast Paleo

fast-paleo-free-paleo-recipes is a website that offers hundreds of various paleo and primal recipes to conscious eaters the world over. This particular paleo recipe website focuses on the concept of giving eaters an option to find fast, accessible, and best of all, easy recipes. When you are attempting to feel great, look great, and eat great, you don’t want it to have to take hours of your time in the kitchen and you don’t want to have to have taken cooking lessons from Gordon Ramsay just to understand the directions. Best of all this website has recipes for every meal of the day, including everyone’s favorite, dessert. Don’t be afraid to take a peek at their Paleo Apple Pie. The picture for it look so delicious, it makes you long for the day when you can just 3D print your food.

Civilized Caveman Cooking


Another great resource for paleo recipes is Civilized Caveman Cooking what is great about this website is that they also have an app. Having an app that you can access on your smartphone or tablet gives you the kind of flexibility that all people crave. You don’t want to be stuck running back and forth to your laptop or desktop computer when you are cooking yourself a new meal. You want to be able to be flexible. By having a website they give the busy paleo eater on the move an opportunity to maintain their food choice integrity wherever they go.

It’s Paleo

its paleo a free paleo recipe website

It’s Paleo is another website that allows the internet savvy paleo fan the ability to find paleo approved recipes and articles. One thing that is great about the It’s Paleo website is that it allows the user to search via an egg shaped, four sectioned icon on its front page. The icon gives users the ability to find recipes based on the four different food groups of paleo, meat, root, vegetable, and fruit. Having this functionality really helps the user when they are having a craving for a specific type of food, but aren’t exactly sure what they should eat.

Paleo Spirit


Yet another great site that paleo writers of all locations can appreciate is that of Paleo Spirit. Paleo Spirit has recipes from all number of different meals, but what they do really well are deserts and all of the carb replacement meals. One thing that many paleo eaters come to miss and have trouble adjusting to is the lack of carbs. Especially in the west, people are so used to eating super sugary cakey foods that the adjustment can be rough. However, this does not mean that you can’t enjoy some fluffy pancakes, or a donut or two. Or three. 

Paleo Desserts


One complaint that many paleo eaters have is that they miss eating their yummy desserts. But with Paleo Desserts you can enjoy all your favorite deserts and even discover some new favorites that you haven’t even eaten yet. In fact one of the more interesting and inventive recipes that this website offers eaters is the Grain-free rhubarb coffeecake. Not only does it come with a very crispy, tasty, and nutritious streusel topping. It is also grain-free and gluten free, which is great for all the gluten intolerant people, that are out there, even if they aren’t paleo.

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