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Feb 7, 2014

I've created an easy paleo meal plan for this week. Thanks to PrimalPal I can create a meal plan in a few short minutes. 

My Co-Founder, Chad, sent me a quick article the other day titled How To Make It Really Easy To Eat Healthy. The article is fairly basic stuff but the top two steps were to plan your week and to create a list. These two things are at the heart of the PrimalPal meal planning system. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to eat healthy so we take two of the most important and time consuming tasks and put them in an easy to use application.

Of course, you already know that you want and need to eat healthy. You probably know that making a meal plan and a shopping list are the top two things you can do to start eating healthy. But the question is... Are you doing these things? Are you making a weekly meal plan and shopping list?

Most of the time we know what we should be doing but we still don't do it. This type of behavior is not limited to just diet and exercise. Why is this? 

A lot of people think that relying on willpower and motivation will get them to take action. I don't think that's enough. Sometimes you won't be motivated. Sometimes you'll lack the willpower to get to the gym or two avoid eating that food that makes you feel bloated and sick. I face these same challenges every day and week just like you.

What helps me is putting systems in place. Routines that I follow on a consistent basis. In order to get myself to the gym I have a whole program mapped out for the next 12 weeks and I commit to following it. I have a calendar that allows me to put a big "X" on the day after I complete my workout. If I don't complete the workout I don't get an "X" and that's enough to keep me going when I don't have the "motivation."

You can do the same thing with meal planning. Print your meal plan out and give yourself a big "X" every day that you stick to your plan. If you don't stick to your plan that day you don't get an "X." It will also cause you to look at the day and determine what went wrong. Systems can be measured and can help you get back on track when you fall off plan.

Of course there are other steps to making healthy eating easy. Prep your food and ingredients in advance. Plan meals that will give you leftovers to pack the next day. Make sure you have easy to prepare foods around for those times that you can't make a meal. 

The fact is that to be successful with any kind of lifestyle change, habit formation or goal, you need to have a plan.

Good news! We're giving you a free meal plan to follow this week. Print it out along with the shopping list. Go shopping this weekend and get what you need. Every day that you stick to the plan give yourself a big, colorful "X" on that day.

Free Paleo Meal Plan to Help You Eat Healthy This Week

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Awesome paleo recipes included in this week's meal plan:

Paleo Tortilla Soup from Three Diets One Dinner

Simple and Quick Pork and Spinach from Primal Kat

Salmon with Dill Mustard Sauce from Low Carb One Day

Pizza Chili from Food Renegade

Cracklin' Chicken from Nom Nom Paleo

Make sure to download your free paleo meal plan for the week and join the mailing list to get a new meal plan and shopping list every week along with some other paleo lifestyle goodness. 

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