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Feb 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you're feeling the love. I'm feeling the paleo meal plan for next week. Good stuff awaits you. I'm trying to keep the free meal plans as simple as possible for you. The goal is to help you relieve some stress and save time. All the paleo recipes in this week's meal plan take around 30 minutes or less from prep to table and the ingredient lists are short.

There's absolutely no reason to make paleo harder than it needs to be. If you stick to eating whole foods as close to their natural states as possible, you'll be in good shape as far as your diet is concerned. Focusing on the types of food you eat is way more important than how many calories your ingesting. This is especially true when you're just getting started with a paleo diet. 

When you're just getting started you're trying to change your eating habits from normally eating a bunch of processed foods to eating whole foods. This is a big complex goal. You'll need to do some planning, some shopping, some prepping and some cooking. That can be a lot. If you add tracking every single calorie your eat to that list it will be easy to get overwhelmed and give up. And I don't want you to give up! I know you can go paleo and achieve your health goals.

So that brings me to some updates here at PrimalPal...

Quick (but cool) PrimalPal Updates

When we add something to PrimalPal like a feature of any kind, it's usually the result of feedback we got from users. We love feedback! It's like our users and the community are coming together to build the meal planner that they've always wanted. That's how we view it. Our goal isn't to make something and force it on to you. It's more a collaboration. 

So to get the idea juices flowing even further we added an easy way for anyone to add their ideas on how we can improve PrimalPal. If you look all the way to the right of your screen you'll see our new friend. The little blue smiley face dude. 

This is what he looks like:

You should click on him! Once you do you'll be presented some different options. You can submit an idea to us and you can even vote on ideas that were submitted by other people.

This is also the best place to submit any sort of buggy behavior you experience while on PrimalPal. We do our best to stay on top of any glitches but things happen and sometimes a little bug will pop up. No worries, just let us know and we'll get it fixed.

You want calories? We've got them, and more!

As much as we try to convince all of you to stop worrying so much about calorie counting and macro nutrient data we still can't seem to get you to stop focusing on it. In some circumstances it is useful to have this information. So we went ahead and add nutrition information to all the recipes you submit to PrimalPal.

Just so you know... it's not perfect... yet.

So as you're going through making meal plans and looking at recipes please look at the nutrition data and let us know if it looks a little off. This is where our little blue smiley face dude comes in handy!

However, it's a big feature that took (and continues to take) a lot of development time. Why? Well, I'm sure you've noticed that most recipe blogs don't include nutrition information on their recipes. We had to develop a way for PrimalPal to go through the recipes you add and calculate all the data. Not as easy as it sounds... in fact, reading that doesn't sound easy :) 

The bottom line is that all the recipes will have nutrition information including calories, grams of protein, grams of fat and grams of carbohydrates per serving. It is located underneath the recipe picture as you can see below for Banana(s).

Again, please let us know if anything looks off with any of the recipes you decide to use in your plan.

Speaking of plan... 

Free Paleo Meal Plan

Here's this week's free meal plan and shopping list. 

Ready for success this week with a free #paleo meal plan from @PrimalPal [Tweet This]

Click here to download your free meal plan and shopping list!

Awesome paleo recipes featured in this week's meal plan...

Taco Salad from Paleo Table

Pan Crisped Chicken Thighs with Thyme and Garlic Pan Gravy and Carrots from Eat the Cookie

One-Pot Chorizo and Kale Soup from Paleo Pot

Ground Beef Stir Fry with Wilted Napa Cabbage from Popular Paleo

Pan-Fried Pork Chops with Parsley Butter from Things My Belly Likes

Now that your mouth is watering make sure to download the meal plan and share it with your friends. Make this upcoming week a success!

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