How to Use Pinterest as a Meal Planning Tool

Feb 21, 2014

We are big fans of Pinterest. Every time I venture out onto the pinning site I find cool stuff. It's a great place to find awesome paleo recipes to try. Pinterest is really setup to be a stand alone meal planner. However, it can work nicely with PrimalPal to help you create an awesome paleo meal plan that you're excited to stick to.

How to Use Pinterest as a Meal Planning Tool

One of the new updates we made inside of PrimalPal is the ability to "Pin" recipes that you like to any of your boards that you choose. We keep a "favorite paleo recipes" board to collect all our favorites. This is a cool way to share some of our favorite paleo recipes with our friends and family.

When you pull up a recipe inside of PrimalPal you will see that there is a "Pin It" button on each photo so you can easily pin the recipe to your personal board. Now you'll always have the recipe for inspiration. Plus it's cool to interact with other paleo food lovers out on Pinterest who "like" the recipes you share. Sharing a healthy and delicious recipe with others is a great way to increase your good karma!

Pin it and let your friends know that you can eat healthy and delicious food.

Using Pinterest to Find Interesting Paleo Recipes to Plan

Now that you know how to save your favorite paleo recipes to a Pinterest board from within PrimalPal it's time to find other recipes to add to your PrimalPal favorites so you can create meal plans, shopping lists, create recipe notes and get nutrition information automagically.

There are a few easy ways to find great paleo recipes on Pinterest.

1. Use the Pinterest search box and use a search query like "paleo recipes"

2. You can use a hashtag like #paleorecipe in the search box to find pins with the same hashtag. This may be a bit redundant with number one but I found I got different results using the hashtag.

3. When you find an good paleo recipe make sure to follow that particular board so you can see the other recipes they pin.

Once you've found something you like that you want to include in your meal plan simply click on the picture and go to the source of the recipe. Copy that URL to your clipboard. On a Mac you can use the shortcut "Command C." Now all you have to do is go to PrimalPal and click the "+ New Recipe" button. 

It looks like this:

Once you hit that button this box will popup asking you for the URL of the recipe you want to add to your PrimalPal database:

Simply paste (Mac "Command V") the URL into the box and press "send" in the lower right corner. After you take this step PrimalPal will enter the recipe and you'll be able to use it in your meal plans, shopping lists and favorites. A couple of bonus features you get by saving your favorite recipes in PrimalPal is that PrimalPal is completely mobile responsive so all the recipes are easy to read and follow along with on your iPhone or iPad. No reason to print the recipe or bring your laptop into the kitchen.

The other cool bonus is that now all recipes get nutrition information generated for them automatically. No more trying to tediously keep track of every single ingredients nutrition information. PrimalPal does it for you so you can see how many calories, grams of protein, carbs and fat any recipe has to ensure you're choosing paleo recipes that fit in with your plan and goals.

Planning Is the Secret Sauce

Having a plan is the best way I know to keep yourself on track and moving towards achieving your goals. There are so many ways to find delicious recipes to try that you need to have a way of capturing and organizing those recipes in one place. PrimalPal gives your favorite recipes a home where you can then create a plan and shopping list for the week. Take advantage of using tools like Pinterest to help you find more delicious recipes to try and stay on track with your health and fitness goals.

Part of the fun of meal planning is finding new things to try that you know you'll love. Don't rely on someone giving you a cookie cutter plan to follow. Cookie cutter plans typically don't work for everyone... hence being called "cookie cutter." You need to have a plan that is your own that fits your tastes, preferences and goals.

Make sure to signup for a free trial of PrimalPal today to start creating a customized paleo meal plan and start discovering, collecting, planning and sharing delicious paleo recipes.

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