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Sep 8, 2015
Paleo endurance training

Back in my prime when I was an active runner (1/2 marathons and 10k were my favorites) the standard line in regards to nutrition was to spend the day prior to the race doing an obscene amount of carb loading.  Filling your reserves with excess carbs to have more than sufficient fuel to stoke your engine the following day during the race.  While I must admit that this technique did work for me on race day – I had energy to spare and felt I could run forever, the actual carb loading process left much to be desired.  Bloating and the famous carb induced food coma were two of my greatest nemeses.  Thankfully just as training has evolved over the last twenty years our thoughts on nutrition have undergone a dramatic shift as well.  And in what would have been considered heresy in my youth – the list of runners following Paleo and removing all the starchy carbs and grains from their diet keeps growing.  And not only is the number growing – but the ones doing it are doing it and competing at very high levels.  It just shows that our body is an amazing adaptable thing – and there is always more than one way to train, to eat, to live – and that each individual must find what works for them and embrace it – even if it’s outside of what is considered the norm.


If you are currently an endurance athlete and considering Paleo – or if you’re die hard Paleo and are contemplating taking up running, triathlons, or any other endurance sport there are a few resources online that will help ease the transition.  Take a look through our list of some of the top Paleo Endurance Athlete resources on the internet today.  We’re sure you will find the answers to your questions and support from athletes how have made the same transition in regards to diet and exercise that you’re planning.  Enjoy.


The Paleo Running Momma

Michele describes herself as a ‘mildly obsessed’ runner and Paleo convert.  She started Paleo Running Momma to become a resource for others, sharing training and nutrition tips she has learned over the years.

Paleo Runner

Aaron Olson at the Paleo Runner is a Paleo marathoner and minimalist training expert.  He is a pubished author and sought after speaker.  His site is full of product reviews, in depth interviews and training advice.  And did I mention his Podcast?

Paleo Runners

Paleo Running means running the way we were intended to run. The way we ran eons ago, before the Nike Air Sole or the Reebok Pump were invented to mess up our gaits. We ran barefoot (or near-barefoot) and with a gait that uses the forces of nature to our advantage (which also prevents injury). We cannot avoid the presence of modernity.  We can take advantage of the latest advances afforded to us by recent innovations without losing sight of our roots. 'Fitness' is a very misused term today.  True fitness is using the body in the way it was intended.  

Ultra Runner Girl

Kristen, aka the UltraRunner Girl loves running trails, biking and just being in motion in general.  A very down to earth resource, her blog is a treasure trove of resource links and good conversation.

The Paleoista

Nell Stephenson, the voice behind the Paleoista is a world renowned expert on the Paleo diet.  She has been featured in Paleo Magazine, The Paleo Diet, Dr. Oz and Oprah online.  Nell is also a competitive triathlete, having recently taken 6th in her age group in the Hawaii Iron Man.


While Paleo for endurance athletes is still relatively new, there are more and more athletes making the transition daily.  As new resources come online we will update our list with the latest and greatest.  Or perhaps you know of of an outstanding resource that we mistakenly overlooked.  We'd love to get your feedback and opinions.  Feel free to comment or send us an email.  We can't wait to hear from you.


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