How to Get Results with the Paleo Diet and a Free Meal Plan

Mar 14, 2014

Are you interested in trying the paleo diet? 

The paleo diet approach is free of grains, legumes, dairy and processed garbage foods. There has been a lot of talk lately about the flexibility in the paleo diet. Is it really necessary to avoid all legumes? Aren't there health benefits to dairy?

Valid questions. We don't have all the answers. Nobody does. What we embrace is the n=1 philosophy. That is to say, test it on yourself. There is no book, blog post, white paper, scientific research study or guru that will be able to "tell" you what exactly will work for you. You have to try things out for yourself and give those things time to work. Learning by doing is the only way to get results that matter.

There are a lot of paths you can follow when it comes to nutrition and exercise. A lot of them might be great. We think paleo is great because it has given us a template that works for us and our goals. Depending on your goals certain paths are worth taking and others you're better off to avoid.

When you start thinking about trying the paleo diet there will be an information gathering phase. Go ahead and learn all you can. If you're goal is to lose weight then read some books and articles about losing weight with the paleo diet. At some point you have to create your plan and start taking action.

You might decide to go strict paleo for 30 days. Great! Hopefully you gain some insights to how you look and feel after that 30 days. Then moving forward from there if you want to test reintroducing some "off plan" foods into your diet... be our guest. Just pay attention to the impact these foods have on how you feel, look and perform.

Here's your free meal plan to help you have a template to follow this week...

Free Paleo Meal Plan

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Awesome paleo recipes in this week's meal plan...

One Pot Paleo Chicken Curry Stir Fry from Sweet C's Designs

Giant Stuffed Mushrooms from Everyday Paleo

Awesome Paleo Lasagna from Paleo Newbie

Spicy Ginger Pan Seared Salmon from TGI Paleo

Apple and Butternut Squash Pulled-Pork Casserole from The Healthy Foodie

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