How To Get Back On Track With The Paleo Diet

Jun 15, 2014
back on track with paleo

So you've been doing paleo for a while and you've seen some results. Maybe you've lost a few pounds and your energy has increased. But something starts to eat at you. You see people enjoying foods you used to enjoy and you think that you should be able to eat those foods too. Your motivation starts to slip.

Despite knowing what these foods do to your health and how they make you feel you decide to eat them anyway. "Just this once," you might say. Next thing you know you're eating a diet that resembles your old diet and you start to feel like your old self. Maybe your energy levels start to decline and maybe you've even gained a few pounds back. You realize that you've gotten off track with your paleo diet and you want to get back on track.

Is it too late? Is it worth it? Is all hope lost? What do you do to get back on track with your paleo diet?

Getting Back On Track With The Paleo Diet

Sometimes you just get off track! It's happened to me several times. If your going through a period of low motivation with your paleo diet and you've gotten off track, here are some tips to help you get back in a paleo groove.

1. Pinpoint what's going on that got you off track in the first place.

This step is crucial and it doesn't need to take a long time. You need to identify what triggered you to get off track. It's possible that you've experienced change or stress in other parts of your life that triggered you to go to comfort foods. Maybe you're on a new work schedule and not in your normal routine so old convenience foods start to fill the cabinets.

Whatever it is pinpoint the issue and take note of it. Realize that you are in control of your circumstances, not the other way around. If you're working a new schedule then make adjustments to your plan to account for this new schedule. If you're stressed out then do something about it - meditate, journal, hike, yoga or get a massage.

2. Take responsibility and ownership of your health.

You are in control! Don't let your mind convince you otherwise. It's easy to start listening to your lizard brain. The one that just wants you give in to pleasurable temptations all the time. When you approach life using your lizard brain everything is about survival and taking anything you can get - it's running on autopilot. 

Avoid being on autopilot. Be thoughtful with your choices and for better or worse take responsibility for them. If you made some bad dietary choices recently, it's OK. But don't go into denial and blame outside circumstances. I've heard every excuse in the book about not being able to eat healthy. I've made most of the excuses myself at one point in time or another.

The best thing you can do is say to realize that you've made some choices that have taken you off track and decide that you are responsible for your choices. Then realized you can make different, better choices and do so immediately.

3. Stop trying to be so perfect.

Don't cause yourself a bunch of extra stress by trying to be pefect. Perfecrtion doesn't exist. By trying to be perfect all the time your setting yourself up for failure by stressing yourself out.

When you're getting started with the paleo diet taking it slow and steady is the best way to do it. Make small habit changes one at a time. 

The goal is to get to a point where you're in control. The point isn't to see who can be more perfect at the paleo diet. That's ridiculous. You are in control of the food you eat, food is not in control of you. Once you're at a point where you are making great food choices a majority of the time then you're in good shape. If you decide to have food that is "off plan" every now and then that's fine. Don't beat yourself up about it.

What matters are your goals and how you feel. Nothing else matters when it comes to nutrition. When it comes to food eat the foods that make you look and feel your best.

4. Take the long term approach.

My approach to nutrition is more about mastery than it is figuring out the next "hack." As a society we've become obsessed with hacks. Life hacks are everywhere. I enjoy a great time saving hack or productivity hack just like the next guy. Even some diet hacks are cool. But my overall approach is to take the long term approach to nutrition. There are no shortcuts on the journey to being healthy and fit.

5. Go back to the fundamentals.

Any endeavor in life has a set of fundamentals. When you play a sport there are the basics of the sport that make you proficient enough to play it. The same applies to the paleo diet. If you've gotten off track it might be because you've tried to get too advance before you were ready. 

Have you tried to do intermittent fasting before you've even given up processed junk food? You need to get back to the basics. Download our ebook and review the basics to following the paleo diet and go back to the beginning.

Keep these steps in mind if you've gotten off track with the paleo diet. You can get back on track with paleo and see better results! 

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