Feed The Mind - This Week's Feedly Roundup

Jun 16, 2014

I use an RSS reader called feedly to stay on top of content and find interesting things to read. Without it I'm not sure how I would manage to stay informed about my favorite blogs and websites.

Over the course of my week I read a lot of articles. Some I just skim and others I give a thorough read because they really captured my attention. That's what I want to share with you in this weekly segment on the PrimalPal blog. Usually it will be published over the weekend and will have the best links that I found over the week having to do with fitness, nutrition, health and lifestyle.

It won't all be paleo diet related but it will be interesting and fun. I look forward to sharing my RSS feed with you and give you a glimpse of what I'm reading on a regular basis. So sit back, relax and let the mind feeding begin.

Links of the Week


Let's get caffeinated! By now you've probably heard of bulletproof coffee or at least tried it. That's cool. But is it everything it's cracked up to be? Its fans tout amazing benefits. Is the fear of mycotoxins in coffee legit? This article over at the Precision Nutrition blog examines bulletproof coffee and seeks to find out if bulletproof coffee lives up to the hype. The case study about a 25 year old male who consumed bulletproof coffee might surprise you.

"Now, if BPC is your “meal” — in other words, if you actually drink this instead of eating breakfast — you can probably get away with those calories. Although, consider: one fully tricked out Bulletproof Coffee has the same amount of fat as 12 (!) egg yolks." (source)

Speaking of coffee, here's a short little video I found about what coffee does to the brain.

Critical Thinking and Learning

Being conscientious and scientific thinking. You probably consider yourself to be a rational and conscientious person. But are humans more apt to be followers? Some research shows that we are built to conform and that we actually experience emotional distress when we try to be or think "different" from everyone else. This article from The Eating Academy expands on the idea of critical thinking and whether we can teach ourselves to be critical thinkers.

"In other words, evolution has hardwired us to be followers, copycats if you will, so we must go very far out of our way to unlearn those inborn (and highly refined) instincts to think logically and scientifically." (source)

"Today, most lean people are what I would call “genetically immune” with respect to obesity, or largely so. Sure, many of us are not—I certainly know my “natural” state, which is anything but lean—but those of us who have found a path to being lean and healthy despite our natural tendency are actually the exception. After all, less than 10 percent of people who lose more than 10 percent of their weight will maintain this weight loss for more than a year." (source)

Speaking of thinking critically, this article from Brain Pickings highlights the work of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (a.k.a. Lewis Carroll). Not only does Dodgson provide some useful advice on "how to learn" but also on how to approach any new learning endeavor, mental or physical.

"So long as you are conscious that all the land you have passed through is absolutely conquered, and that you are leaving no unsolved difficulties behind you, which will be sure to turn up again later on, your triumphal progress will be easy and delightful. Otherwise, you will find your state of puzzlement get worse and worse as you proceed, till you give up the whole thing in utter disgust." (source)


I've had quite a few people email me that want to do the paleo diet because of challenges with diabetes. I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on the internet, but I came across this interesting article from Quantified Self that shared numerous videos from people who have dealt with diabetes. If you are curious about how people manage and seek to prevent diabetes then you should check out the videos in this article.

Weight Lifting

How deep should you squat? Sounds like a simple question. But the answer to the question is a bit more complex. This article from T-Nation explores squat depth and mobility as well as some strategies to improve ROM (range of motion) with the squat. Great read for crossfitters and gym rats.

"Not everyone is the same, and it's important to understand this. As a coach my "end game" is to work with what I have and to get every single one of my athletes or clients to squat to depth. However, it's not always a good idea to force someone to squat deep when they just don't have the ability to do so safely. While admirable, the end goal for every person shouldn't be to squat deep. Rather, the goal should be to develop proper squat mechanics, groove technique in a safe range of motion that's applicable to a particular individual's limitations and anatomy, and most important of all, keep the spine safe." (source)

Ancestral Health

Here's another article from T-Nation which offers ten rules of the ancestral athlete. You don't have to be a professional athlete to benefit from these rules!

"You can call this Primal, Paleo, Ancestral, Perfect, Just Eating Real Food, or any other fancy name you'd like, but the fact is that eating naturally should form the crux of your athletic fuel, and your supplementation should be aimed and timed like a sniper rifle, not dropped like a cluster bomb on you the entire day. Save it for the times when you're actually doing something relatively "unnatural," like trashing yourself with a monster workout, rowing a half marathon at the CrossFit Games, or toeing the line of a marathon or triathlon." (source)

I hope you enjoyed this first installment of "Feed the Mind." Check back next weekend to see what internet goodies I find. Cheers!

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