5 Steps to Awaken Your Conscious Well Being with the Paleo Diet

Aug 7, 2012

Prior to starting my journey on the Paleo way of life, I was no different than most people. I hadn’t taken notice to what my body was telling me. In fact, I didn’t even know it had a voice.

Most people stroll through life without ever really understanding their own wellbeing. It’s likely you just become tolerant to how you feel, which isn’t very good. The tolerance I speak of has never really had a beginning. It probably started at a young age and is the result of bad habits. These bad habits over time eventually become so normal that a tolerance for not feeling well is formed.

It seems most bad habits occur at the expense of our health; smoking, drinking, obesity, the list goes on. Most people lose track of their wellbeing because they never take the time to understand it. For me, this was realized after starting the Paleo Diet. Sure I ate healthy, I mean, I followed the food pyramid pretty closely. I ate whole grains and shopped at Trader Joes. How much healthier can you get, right?

Well, since embarking on the Paleo lifestyle I finally understand what it is to be conscious of my wellbeing. I really didn’t have a choice; the results forced me to take notice. I feel better than I ever knew was possible. 

I’ve noticed drastic changes in four main areas of my life.

1) My energy levels are finally consistent, no more daily energy roller coaster. I used to feel lethargic in the morning and needed coffee to literally wake up. I became accustomed to that early afternoon sluggish feeling, you know, the one that is being capitalized on by a number of energy product companies. The real source of the problem was the food I was putting into my body.

2) My endurance has actually increased while working out less. Going all the way back to my senior year in college, I began experiencing decreased endurance. I’ve never really understand why this happened to me. What I do know is I have better endurance levels today than I have had for nearly 8 years.

3) I no longer tolerate my stomach issues that I thought were just normal. My entire life I’ve struggled with an irritable stomach. From feeling queasy to puking anytime I overextended myself while exercising, to not being able to eat very much because of the sensation of puking. It got so bad in high school that I had tests run by my doctor but there wasn’t a verdict. Everything was normal. Well now everything is normal. All of the symptoms I’ve described are completely gone.

4) And last but not least, my body looks like it did as a college athlete nearly 8 years ago. I’ve never really been able to gain weight even when trying my hardest as a college football player. I just have a leaner physique. Over the last few years, I lost most of my muscle definition. I would work hard to gain it back by literally spending hours each week at the gym. Now, I’m back to looking like I did in my college days but working out much, much less and I feel 1,000 times healthier.

We all owe it to ourselves to become conscious of our wellbeing. Health is our most important asset and we have to take care of it. I challenge you to start to become aware of how you feel. Once you start to listen to your body you will become empowered to take action in your life and nothing is more powerful than action that results in self-improvement.

Here are 5 Quick Tips to Becoming Conscious of Your Wellbeing

1) Think about how you feel. This seems obvious but it’s important to think about how you feel after eating different kinds of food. If you’re just starting a Paleo Diet this will become very obvious very quickly. This is what actually woke me up to my body’s voice. The contrast in how I felt was so drastic that I couldn’t help but listen.

2) Constantly assess what makes you feel good and what doesn’t. It simple. If something makes you feel bad don’t eat it and if something makes you feel good eat it. Over time you will start to develop a repertoire of foods that work best for you. Everyone is different which is even more reason why this is important. Most people after switching to a Paleo Diet start to become more sensitive to foods like grains and dairy products. This is not to say your body accepted these foods before it just means you weren’t conscious of it.

3) Create good habits based on what makes you feel good. At this point you have the information you need to put good habits into place. The most difficult part of creating good habits is creating habits themselves. For me, this was easier than I thought because I had opened up a whole new world and couldn’t go back to my old way of life. The more conscious you become the easier it will be to create new habits.

4) Check in with yourself consistently. Overtime things will change. Life gets busy and chaotic but it’s important you don’t lose track of your health. This step has helped me tremendously. Make time to get back on track if life gets in the way.

5) Enjoy the freedom of choosing to feel great. Eating healthy is a choice. It just happens to be a choice with amazingly positive consequences. Enjoy and embrace your new found self!

The Paleo lifestyle has opened up many doors for me. It has taught me that my body has a voice and I can actually hear what it has to say. I am convinced that by just listening to yourself you will make decisions that will improve your wellbeing and quality of life.

Now start paying attention! Please share your story of conscious wellbeing in the comments below and let us know what helped you create good habits. 

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