The Top 10 Paleo Recipe Blogs You Haven't Heard of Yet

Aug 24, 2012
Paleo Recipe Blogs

I'm the type of guy that roots for the underdog. If I'm watching any type of sporting event in which I don't have a vested interest in either team, I will find out who the favorite is and I'll root against them.

I even take this habit to the movies with me. I love to watch stories about the guy that is down on his luck but he somehow manages to turn it all around and succeed. One of my favorite underdog movies is a documentary called, King of Kong, A Fistful of Quarters. Definitely check that one out for your next movie night.

It may seem like I'm crazy but I don't think so. In fact one of my favorite episodes of Radiolab is all about underdogs and why people pull for them. It's a really fun episode and you should check it out sometime. But from the stories in that episode I know that I'm not alone in my secret desire to see the little guy rise up and beat out the big guy.

This type of story happens all of the time on the internet. You see all the big websites and blogs getting all the attention, all the love and all the accolades. Now, I realize that everyone starts out small. Especially when running a blog or a business. But as things get more competitive in a space or industry it makes it harder for the small guy to rise above.

This is a tribute to some of the paleo recipe blogs we love that you may not have heard of...yet!

These blogs have some awesome recipes that you should be adding to your meal plan this week! Support these blogs and let them know what you think of their creations. A well timed, positive comment can do wonders for someone's motivation.

Our Top 10 Primal and Paleo Recipe Blogs That You May Not Have Heard of Yet!

1. Purely Primal - This is the blog of Casey and Karen. Both CrossFit practitioners, parents and all around awesome paleo recipe creators. This is one of our favorite spots to look for inspiration. Most recent paleo recipe, Cherry Tart.

2. Primal Kitchen - A blog from a mother of two and Christian who believes we were not created to nourish ourselves with bags of doritos and loaves of wonder bread. She's published over 200 lunch recipes that she's made for her family. Check out her lunch box creations.

3. The Domestic Man - The blog of Russ Crandall. Russ has a very inspirational story. He had a stroke at age 24 and was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease. As a result he found the paleo diet as a way to regain and maintain his health. He posts some awesome recipes and great pictures to go with them. Most recent recipe, Pork Adobo.

4. What I Gather - Tarah is a food lover and fitness enthusiast. She shares her recipes as well as other information on her website to help people realize that eating healthy can be delicious and easy... we like that! Most recent recipe, Summer Vegetable Mahi Mahi Bake.

5. Life As A Plate - AdreAnna blogs about family, career and healthy living. She's a career woman and proud mother of two. She has some really tasty creations on her website. Most recent recipe, Rainbow Pepper Salsa.

6. Primal Journey - This is the blog of Michelle, a.k.a. Dollface. She has an amazing transformation and success story. She also has some delicious recipes to go along with her success. Most recent recipe, Pork Belly with Five Spice Veggies.

7. Three Diets One Dinner - Here's another great blog that is written by someone with a great back story. She has a passion for cooking and healthy living. She also blogs about cooking paleo meals when the rest of your family isn't exactly paleo. Most recent recipe, Bacon Wrapped Lamb Chops.

8. I Breathe I'm Hungry - Mellissa's blog is more a gluten free recipe treasure chest then outright "paleo". Either way, many of the recipes she posts are paleo and primal. She's a wife, mother and advocate of healthy living. Check out her Cheesy Cauliflower Tator Tots.

9. Healthy Living How To - Of course we want to send out some love to our fellow Twin Cities healthy living enthusiast, Vanessa Romero. She is another blogger that has a great transformation success story. She creates some very delicious recipes and takes some great photos to go along with them. Most recent recipe, Beef Bowl with Spinach, Mushrooms, Onions, Black Olives and Garlic.

10. Things My Belly Likes - Cat lives in the Caribbean with her husband and dog. Her blog is not coined as a "paleo" blog but she has many delicious recipes that are gluten-free and paleo approved. Most recent recipe, Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies. Oh boy!

These are some of our favorite paleo recipe blogs that you might not have heard of until now. Give their recipes a try and go out and engage with these creative and generous people.

We'll keep pulling for the underdogs and the paleo misfits. It's not always easy putting in the time and effort or staying focused on your goals when mainstream society tells you that you're crazy. But that's part of the fun isn't it! Going against the grain, getting results and living a life that makes you healthy, fit and happy.

If you're looking for a tool to help you organize your paleo meal plan for the week and achieve your health and fitness goals then give PrimalPal a try. PrimalPal is designed to make planning your paleo meals easy and stress free.

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