14 Easy Halloween Treats for Paleo Peeps

Oct 24, 2012
easy halloween treats

It's official. The holiday's are just around the corner. Halloween kicks off the season of feasting, family and fun. Usually this also leads to a lot of over-consumption of carb loaded meals and sugar bomb desserts.

This upcoming Halloween presents a special challenge because the kids will want to do all of the trick-or-treating activities like everyone else. Being a responsible and caring parent you probably don't allow the kids to dive into the candy with reckless abandon. Plus having that temptation around all of the time might test your will-power.

I'm also hoping that you, as the adult, don't lose your mind around Halloween. Yes, there will be candy all around but that doesn't mean you have to eat it. You are in control and make your own decisions.

To me Halloween is for the kids... and besides, wouldn't you rather enjoy a glass of red with the neighbors? To me a good red will beat out a sugar high 9.9 out of 10 times.

Here are some easy Halloween treats that are Paleo friendly and delicious.

These DIY Banana Mummies look awesome. What a fun idea to get the creativity flowing. These could turn into a family Halloween tradition!

Everyday Paleo lets their hair down a little bit for Halloween with these popcorn balls. They also share a recipe for roasted pumpkin seeds.

I'm all for enjoying some dark chocolate for a treat. Check out this pistachio and dried cherry chocolate bark. This one is making me salivate. I'm sure this is a recipe the kids and adults would enjoy.

These little Boo Bites look tasty. They also look extremely quick and easy to make.

How about some chocolate dipped apricot "acorns"? Very creative. The picture looks so classy! Maybe you'll throw an upscale, classy Halloween party?

And these coconut milk caramels from the Paleo Indulgences cookbook look really delicious.

This one might top this list as my favorite. Dark chocolate bacon bites. I could easily consider bacon a Halloween treat by itself. Covering it with chocolate makes it even better! Don't get too carried away with these!

You could also do some Halloween cookies or some chocolate cake. And since there are plenty of pumpkins around why not make a batch of pumpkin butter pecan chocolate chip bars?

And last but definitely not least... caramel apples. This is for sure a family favorite in the making!

If you're just too busy to make any of these treats then you could always go for these endangered species chocolates.

Hopefully you pulled a few ideas away to help you survive Halloween while you're living a Paleo Lifestyle.

Make sure to 'share' this post on Facebook to help out your friends that are looking for "healthier" options on Halloween. Happy Halloween everyone!

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