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Dec 7, 2012
paleo diet meal plan

Even if you don't follow a paleo diet, planning meals is difficult. If you live a paleo lifestyle it becomes even more difficult because you can't default to options like sandwiches on whole wheat bread.

The main reason we created PrimalPal is to give you a way to easily plan your paleo/primal meals for the week. Once you plan your meals for the week the system generates a shopping list for you to take to the store so you don't miss any ingredients for your planned recipes.

Is it possible to plan every, single paleo meal?

I think it's fairly difficult to plan every piece of food you eat. It would take a serious amount of time to plan and prepare those meals. Of course, using a meal planning application such as PrimalPal can make planning a lot easier for you but meal preparation would still take up a lot of time.

Is it possible to plan every meal? Sure. Is it probable... maybe. If you're busy like most people are, then it's probably less likely that you'll plan every paleo meal. Instead, you may default to a standard breakfast of scrambled eggs, fruit and coffee. You may even eat the same meal for lunch every day.

I eat a lot of salads for lunch. I don't necessarily need to plan my salads. I just make sure I keep salad ingredients stocked every week. At my house there are only two of us, so there are usually plenty of leftovers to pack for lunch the next day as well. This is a great practice and we highly recommend that you try to think about left-overs as a lunch possibility for the next day.

How to really succeed with Paleo Meal Planning

One of the cool features of PrimalPal is that you can plan as many or as few meals as you want. If you want to plan every recipe and every piece of food you eat then you are free to do so. If you only wanted to plan breakfasts and lunches, Monday through Friday, you can do that too. The meal planning possibilities are endless.

We find that a lot of people struggle with planning paleo dinners the whole family will enjoy. You come home from a long day of getting things done and realize everyone is hungry. Then you go to the pantry or open the fridge and realize that there's nothing to eat. Ahhhhh... what to do?

Usually, you might just throw something together the best you can, which can have mixed results. Or, you may choose to dine out, which can be expensive and the quality of ingredients may be questionable.

What if you just had a plan for your paleo dinner's? This is usually the one meal of the day that the whole family comes together. So why not make it special and healthy?

If you use PrimalPal to just plan your dinners Monday through Friday, you will save yourself a boatload of time, money and frustration. This is what we do and we find it makes the rest of our week go a lot easier.

With your dinners planned and your shopping list ready, all that's left for you to do is make sure you have the ingredients you need to make the recipes. Dinner has become special again!

You can plan something different for dinner every week to expand your cooking skills and ensure the family doesn't get bored eating the same thing over and over again. And best of all, you can be confident you are sticking to your paleo diet!

To help get this ball rolling, we're going to give away a Paleo Dinner Plan every Friday on the blog.

The plan will include main course,  dinner recipes for Monday through Friday and it will include a complete shopping list. It will be for a family of four.

Download Your Free Weekly Paleo Dinner Meal Plan and Shopping List

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Here's the meal plan. Click here to download your free Paleo Dinner Meal Plan.

By the way, if you sign up with your email in the above, right sidebar, we'll send you an email with a link to the meal plan when it comes out next week. Plus you'll get a free download of our eBook, The Ridiculously Easy Guide to Paleo.

Dinner Recipes Featured this Week from Around the Web

Primal Meatza from Girl Gone Primal

Cincinnati-Style Chili from Jan's Sushi Bar - I'm from Ohio so this one hits close to home!

Ground Beef Skillet from Living Low Carb One Day at a Time

Chinese Chicken Tacos from DJ Foodie

Parmesan Crusted Tilapia from Sparkpeople

Disclaimer: All the recipes are Paleo/Primal but the website may not be.

If you want to create your own paleo dinner meal plans you can do so by trying out PrimalPal for free. It has a lot of other features you can use such as filtering recipes by food sensitivities or food allergies. You can also adjust the serving sizes of your meals to fit your family's needs and customize your shopping list. Get started with your free trial!

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