New and Improved Recipe Search Functionality in PrimalPal

Jan 17, 2013

You asked for it! We're proud to announce the new and improved recipe search functionality inside of PrimalPal.

After getting feedback from users and doing some digging ourselves, we discovered that the recipe filter and search functions needed to be improved. Our goal is for PrimalPal to be the easiest and most enjoyable meal planning application for people living a paleo lifestyle. So anything less than awesome is not acceptable.

It was clear that the filter functionality was not giving back the best possible results to our members. When you're hungry and you want paleo chicken pot pie... you better be able to find paleo chicken pot pie! Now you can easily find whatever you desire by typing in the keywords or key ingredients into the search bar inside the PrimalPal meal planning and recipe pages.

We've tested it and there is a dramatic difference in the ease of use and targeted search results that show up. It's easier, faster and more user friendly. Check it out and see for yourself. Your paleo meal planning just got easier.

The New and Improved Paleo Recipe Search and Filter Functionality

More Improvements Planned for 2013

This year we are focused on making some great improvements to the system. We base these improvements on feedback we get from our members. If you've given us feedback we want to say, "Thank You!" The only way we can get better is to hear from our members about the improvements they want to see made.

We like to hear about the positives as well, so keep the compliments rolling in! ;)

In all seriousness, the improvements we are rolling out in 2013 are due to the feedback we've received over the past six months. We're dedicated to making PrimalPal an amazing service that makes starting and sticking with your Paleo Lifestyle a piece of cake... paleo cake of course.

If you have any feedback for us, whether you're a current member or not, please feel free to leave a comment, send us an email, connect with us on Facebook or tweet at us on Twitter. We love talking to people and we're here to help you get the results your looking for from your paleo diet.

And if by some weird chance you haven't tried out PrimalPal you can get started with a free trial.

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