Free Paleo Meal Plan Friday (1/25/13)

Jan 25, 2013
Free Paleo Diet Meal Plan

What is up!? We are rockin' through January... It's already Free Paleo Meal Plan Friday number four. Crazy!

As we do every Friday here at PrimalPal, we're bringing you a paleo meal plan that features five delicious recipes that are quick and easy to make. These free paleo meal plans are designed for a family of four and the meal plan comes with a complete shopping list for the dinner recipes that are included.

Some people have raised questions about the fact that some of the recipes in the meal plans contain dairy. Most of the time you can exclude the dairy or substitute with other ingredients. We also realize that a lot of people still eat some dairy if their body is OK with it.

I fall in that camp of people. I can't chug a bunch of milk without feeling pretty nasty but I can tolerate some cheese, Greek yogurt and heavy cream. When it comes to dairy we are all about do what works for you.

Using PrimalPal to Deal with Food Sensitivities 

In the PrimalPal meal planner you can actually tell the system to highlight and exclude recipes that contain ingredients you're sensitive to. So if you want to exclude recipes that contain dairy you can check the "dairy" box in your food preferences panel and the system takes care of the rest. If you've got a sensitive tummy then we have you covered!

Make sure to at least give PrimalPal a try. You get a 10 day free trial and exclusive access to our 7 Day Paleo Success Email Course when you sign up. We live a paleo lifestyle and we designed PrimalPal to help you easily incorporate paleo meals into your lifestyle. We want to make it easy to Go Paleo!

Speaking of making paleo easy... here's a free paleo meal plan for you.

Free Paleo Diet Meal Plan - Instant Download (No opt-in or crazy business!)

Get your free paleo meal plan by clicking this link: CLICK HERE to download your paleo meal plan.

Word on the street is that people who like Free Paleo Meal Plan Friday's are the coolest people around... We agree! If you're digging these free paleo meal plans please share them by sending a tweet or sharing this post of facebook.

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Paleo dinner recipes featured this week:

The Original Hamburger Helper from Healthy Living How To

Oven Omelet with Sweet Potato Crust from Enjoying Healthy Foods

Pizza Chili from Food Renegade

Balsamic Winter Throw Together Back from PaleOMG

Bacon Wrapped Mini Paleo Meatloaf from Paleo Betty

We've been working hard around here to make PrimalPal the best paleo meal planning application around. We're currently enhancing features inside the meal planner that are going to thrill our users. We invite you to become a member and see how easy it can be to Go Paleo with PrimalPal.

Have an awesome weekend. Cheers!

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