Free Paleo Meal Plan Friday (2/1/2013)

Feb 1, 2013
Free Paleo Meal Plan Friday

Welcome to another edition of Free Paleo Meal Plan Friday from your friends here at PrimalPal. We have a good one for you this week. Before you rush to download the paleo meal plan I want to take just a moment to update you on some things going on here at PrimalPal.

PrimalPal Application Updates

We've been working with our awesome programmer the last few weeks pulling together some nifty updates for PrimalPal members.

Search Functionality Updated and Improved

First, we updated the search functionality. So when you're searching for a recipe you can search by ingredient, recipe name, course, etc. You can also use the pre-set filters that work absolutely amazingly now that we made this update.

If you just want to search for recipes that have chicken breasts because that's what you have in the fridge then you can do that. Want to see only dinner recipes that have ground beef? You can do that too! Searching for recipes to plan is now as easy as paleo pie.

Application Navigation Updated and Improved

We also added a feature where you can click on a recipe at any time and a window will pop-up with all the recipe details. You can then plan the recipe from this window or you can exit out and you're right where you left off. This makes navigating PrimalPal 1000% easier and it will save you a significant amount of time while you're customizing your own paleo meal plan.

We will be making some new help videos for everyone to check out in the week ahead. We're excited about these current updates as well as the future projects that we haven't rolled out yet. 

And just so you know, we rely heavily on the feedback we get from our users to make improvements to the system. So give us your feedback... the good, the bad, the great and the down-and-out-right ugly. 

We read it all and we use it to improve. Keep the feedback coming!

Free Paleo Meal Plan - Instant Download (No opt-in or funny business)

Here's your free paleo diet meal plan for the week. It includes five easy to prepare paleo dinner recipes for a family of four and it comes with a complete, categorized shopping list.

Here's the link for the free paleo meal plan: Click HERE to Download

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If you want to customize your very own paleo meal plans and organize all your favorite paleo recipes then you should give PrimalPal a free try. PrimalPal will save you time and frustration when you decide to "Go Paleo."

Paleo dinner recipes featured in this week's paleo meal plan:

Pan-Fried Pork Chops with Parsley Butter from Things My Belly Likes

Buffalo Chicken Burgers from TGI Paleo

Chicken-Fried Steak from Purely Primal

Honey Ginger Lime Thai Stir Fry from Life as a Plate

Eggplant Pizza from The Domestic Man

Enjoy! BTW... These are some pretty bad-ass paleo recipe blogs so make sure to go check them out!

Friendly Reminder... You have until Sunday at Noon (CST) to take our ridiculously short survey about Paleo Living and to enter to win one of five $25 Amazon gift cards. So don't miss out on your chance to win. Take this survey now. If it takes you longer than 5 minutes you're over-thinking ;)

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