5 Easy Ways To Get Fit At Home

Jul 30, 2015

Getting fit can be tough when your job requires you to spend the entire day sitting and you have a busy home life, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Building even a simple exercise routine can make a huge difference in your fitness level.

Here are a few things you can do at home to start getting fit today:

Yoga. Yoga alone probably won't give you a six pack, but it will increase your balance and build your strength, among many other fantastic benefits. Doing one 2-3 yoga exercises before and after your actual exercise routine is also a great way to build stretching into your exercise routine. Stretching is crucial to any exercise routine to prevent injury, so why not do stretches designed to build your strength at the same time? You can also incorporate foam rolling into your stretching and exercising routine.

Take the stairs—at a run if there's only one flight. This is a great way to give yourself the burst of energy you need to complete your actual exercise routine, and if you do it often enough—or live in a building where you have to climb three or more flights of stairs—you'll find both your fitness and your desire to exercise increasing.

Shadow boxing. It might sound silly, and it might even look silly, but boxing an invisible opponent is actually a lot of fun and makes an excellent cardio workout. It's also a great way to improve your co-ordination. If you're interested in spending some money to get fit, getting a miniature punching bag can make this an even better exercise, focusing more on your upper body strength.

Non-traditional push ups. There are actually many different exercises similar to push ups but much easier—and sometimes even more effective. You can try wall push ups, push ups where your hands rest on your sofa instead of on the floor, or even planking.

A completely different approach to push ups is chest presses, which you can do if you're willing to invest in a pair of dumb bells. To perform a chest press, lie on your back and hold your dumb bells out at right angles from your body. Push them towards each other slowly, up into the air. They should meet directly over the center of your chest.

Wall squats. We're all familiar with regular squats, and they're not particularly fun when you're just getting back on the exercise train. Wall squats are easier, and even a few done while you're brushing your teeth can make a big impact on your fitness if you do it every day.

A wall squat is exactly what it sounds like: a squat where your back is leaning against the wall the entire time. These might be a little tougher at first than most of the other exercises on this list, but they're still much easier than regular squats and well worth the effort.

Whatever exercises you decide to include in your routine, the most important thing is that you actually stick to your routine. Even small habits can be tough to build, making an accountability system as important to your success as the exercises you choose to do. Something I find helps me each morning is to read some motivational fitness quotes - try it out it may work for you.

This article was supplied by EFM Health Clubs, a leading Australian fitness chain who specialize in Personal Fitness Coaching programs with a strong focus on helping clients achieve results both in, and out of the gym.

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