Free Paleo Meal Plan Friday (2/15/13)

Feb 15, 2013
Free Paleo Meal Plan

Happy Friday! I hope you're gearing up for a little bit of R&R this weekend. We have a very tasty paleo dinner meal plan for you this week. Not to mention it's absolutely gratis... on the house... free! That's why we call it Free Paleo Meal Plan Friday. But you already knew that! :)

Every Friday at PrimalPal is Free Paleo Meal Plan Friday. You get a free paleo meal plan that includes a dinner recipe for each weeknight and the plan comes complete with a shopping list.

Make extra at dinner and you'll have plenty leftover for lunch the next day. Two birds, one stone.

Here's the Free Paleo Diet Meal Plan

All you have to do is click the link to get your free paleo meal plan. We don't ask for anything in return but... If you're feeling generous we do appreciate it when people share the meal plan by sending a tweet or sharing it on facebook.

Here's the link: Click HERE for the Free Paleo Meal Plan

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Dinner recipes featured in this week's meal plan:

Asian Cauliflower Rice from Nom Nom Paleo

Taco Salad from Paleo Table

Paleo Chicken Panang Curry from Paleo Australia

Seafood Lovers Tilapia Cakes from Paleo Amore

Buttery Pepper Encrusted Pot Roast from Health Nut Nation

These recipes are from some truly talented paleo culinary artists. Go check out their blogs and give them some props!

Shameless PrimalPal Plug! Customize Your Own Paleo Meal Plan In Minutes

If you want to get on the "paleo wagon" but you don't want to spend all day obsessing over what to eat, then you need to signup for a PrimalPal membership. It costs pennies a day and it will make your paleo life a lot easier. We hope to see you in the members area!

Have a great weekend!

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