Free Paleo Meal Plan Friday (2/22/13)

Feb 22, 2013

Howdy! It's Friday. One of my favorite days of the week.

The meal plan this week has some delicious fish recipes for you to prepare to help you observe the season of Lent. Even if you don't observe Lent, you should eat more fish because it's good for you and it tastes great! Capeesh?

Before I give away this week's Free Paleo Meal Plan I want to update you on a cool project we're working on.

Dashboard Overhaul Inside of PrimalPal Underway

One of the cool things we're cooking up right now is making a more interactive dashboard for our members.

Right now there are some useful videos on the dashboard but, honestly, they're just tutorials for how to use the PrimalPal system. Which is cool and all, but we want to provide something that is a lot more valuable to our members. They deserve it!

We want the dashboard to be more dynamic and have it be a place to get valuable information about living a paleo lifestyle and integrating meal planning with PrimalPal to help you do it.

It will have a course like feel to it. Like a Paleo 101 and then an upper-level course like Paleo 201. It will be interesting, not boring. We'll be sharing paleo lifestyle tips, cooking tips and good nutrition education to help you get your head around all of this stuff.

So we'll be rolling the new dashboard out in the coming weeks. I think it's going to be an amazing resource and I think our current members will love it.

I just have to make sure I stay focused on this one thing to get it finished and then we can continue with our long list of amazing ideas.

Implementing these projects is a lot of fun but it's definitely work!

Now for the Free Paleo Meal Plan... That's why you're here right?

Download Your Free Paleo Meal Plan - Instant Access (no opt-in or monkey business)

We don't ask for anything in return for the free meal plans but we do appreciate it when people share the Free Paleo Meal Plans via their social media platforms.

Here's the Free Paleo Meal Plan Link: Click HERE for the Free Paleo Meal Plan

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Dinner recipes featured in this week's paleo meal plan:

Buffalo Chicken Nuggets from Paleo Spirit along with Ranch Dressing from Keirstens Kitchen

Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup from Two Peas and Their Pod

Spicy Ginger Pan Seared Salmon from TGI Paleo

Rock Salt Roasted Chicken from Primally Inspired

Seared Swordfish Steaks with lemon Cashew Crust from Things My Belly Likes

Is the Paleo Diet Becoming Too Time Consuming?

One of the things that we hear... a lot... Is that going paleo takes up a lot of time. With all the planning, preparation, shopping and cooking it can seem like a lot to take on. This causes people to get frustrated and give up.

We know how short you are on time.

That's why paleo meal planning with PrimalPal is so useful. You save time planning and you save time shopping because everything is packaged up for you.

You get your meal plan, your recipes and your shopping list all in one place. It's easy and it helps you save boatloads of time so you stay on track with your plan.

With Summer coming up, now is the time to get serious with your plan. Start now with a free trial to PrimalPal and begin a new paleo lifestyle for yourself.  Come time to hit the beach you'll be happy you started today.

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