Free Paleo Meal Plan Friday (4/19/13)

Apr 19, 2013
Free Paleo Meal Plan

Happy Friday! Over the last couple of days in Minnesota I think we got at least 7 inches of snow. It got me thinking about getting vitamin D and how renewing the energy from the sun can be.

So if you live where the sun is shining all that I ask is that you spend an extra minute in the sunshine for me. Thanks!

Now it's time for this week's edition of Free Paleo Meal Plan Friday!

How to Create a Paleo Meal Plan Around the Seasons

As I was putting together this week's free paleo meal plan I had a list of in-season foods for spring. The list included foods such as asparagus, avocado and cauliflower. I love all three of those foods and they are all staples in the paleo diet.

For this week's paleo meal plan I included these three foods. When you're living a paleo lifestyle you're more likely to shop for what's in season. Your meal planning should be the same. Plan paleo recipes that use in-season ingredients.

With PrimalPal you can easily find recipes that have in-season ingredients and include those recipes in your weekly, customized meal plan.

When you download this week's free paleo meal plan you'll see that on Tuesday and Friday we included a main protein dish and an in-season vegetable side. You can plan your week in the same fashion if you have a PrimalPal membership. Just choose your protein and then pick out a veggie dish to go along with it. It's easy and fun! Plus your mouth will water as you look at all the healthy, delicious recipes.

The Farmer's Market season is upon us. Now is a perfect time to have an easy way to plan paleo recipes that include in-season ingredients. You'll save a good chunk of change by shopping for in-season ingredients and you'll get all the nutritious benefits that come with eating organic, local foods.

Free Paleo Meal Plan (just click the link to get your free meal plan)

We love sharing these free paleo meal plans and the paleo lifestyle. If you enjoy these meal plans please share it with your friends.

Here's the download link: Give me my free paleo meal plan!

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Delicious paleo recipes in this week's free paleo meal plan.

Sweet and Savory Sausage Stir-Fry from What I Gather

Baked Mustard Chicken from Fed and Fit with Garlic Roasted Asparagus from Purely Primal

Mexi Cauli Rice from Healthy Living How To

Salmon with Dill Mustard Sauce from Low Carb One Day

No Grill Steak from PrimalPal with Bacon No Potato Salad from Paleo Australia

Eating healthy food that keeps you feeling and looking good doesn't hate to take a lot of hard work but it does take some planning. Use PrimalPal to help you create customized paleo meal plans, make grocery shopping a breeze and achieve your health goals.

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