Free Paleo Meal Plan Friday (4/26/13)

Apr 26, 2013
Free Paleo Meal Plan

It's finally starting to feel like spring! Soon it will be time to fire up the grill. I can't wait.

This week I've included a chicken recipe made for the grill. I think you'll enjoy it. The Paleo Lifestyle is made for spring and summer. Plenty of in-season produce, sunshine and the open flame to make something delicious.

Below is the free paleo meal plan this week. You shouldn't stop planning your meals because summer is approaching. Now is the best time to start collecting recipes you want to try on the grill.

We will be adding more grill recipes to the meal planner and we're sure that people will be submitting more recipes that are perfect for the warm weather.

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Dinner recipes featured in this week's free paleo meal plan:

Turkey Hash from Elana's Pantry

Chicken Cabbage Enchiladas from Enjoying Healthy Foods

Spicy Ginger Pan-Seared Salmon from TGI Paleo

BLT Salad with Spicy Mayo Dressing from What I Crave

Aromatic Whole Grilled Chicken from Mark's Daily Apple and Roasted Mushroom Medley from Italian Food Forever

This looks tasty! Grab your shopping list and go to the store to get everything you need to have all your dinner's planned for next week. If you find this free paleo meal plan helpful please share it with your friends.

If you're ready to start creating your own customized paleo meal plans and shopping lists then you can start your free PrimalPal trial right now.

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