How to Use the Drag and Drop Paleo Meal Planner

May 5, 2013
Paleo Meal Planner

Hi! This is Chad with PrimalPal. I'm going to show you how to use the drag and drop feature within the Meal Planner to quickly plan your paleo meals for the week.

You can see we are in the "Meal Planner" view. You can drag and drop your meals to any spot in your paleo meal plan. 

The PrimalPal Meal Planner is truly customizable, you can fully customize your plan to fit your needs. That is the reason why we built PrimalPal. You don't have a pre-set plan of all the meals that you're going to have to eat. You could actually say, "You know what? I'm going to plan my own and these are the recipes that I want to eat." You can do that.

Within the Meal Planner you can simply move recipes around. You can move lunches from one day to the next. You can even move a dinner to a lunch. Move the day that you want to snacks. Move a snack to a dessert. Move a breakfast from a dinner. You can see you can really move recipes around at will, within the Meal Planner.

From the right hand side, you can use the search bar on top. You can also use the "Filter Recipes" bar to filter the recipes or search for the recipes that you want. Once you find a recipe that you want, maybe you're interested in the Breakfast Burger.

You can actually see this recipe right from the Meal Planner view. We wanted this Meal Planner view to actually give you the functionality to do everything you need to within the Meal Planner. If you didn't want to go to the "All Recipes" page to do your meal planning, that's fine. You could do it right from this page.

If Breakfast Burger is something that you're interested in, then you can click on it. It actually brings it up, so you can take a look at the picture in a larger view. Then you can look at the preparation time, cooking time, the servings. You can also look at the ingredients, the directions and decide if that something that you want to plan. If you decide that that is something that you want to plan within your Meal Planner, you simply drag it over. I'm going to plan that for breakfast on Saturday.

You can do that with all of the different recipes that you're searching for. I'm actually going to do ... this dessert looks pretty good. Cake Batter Milk Shake, I'm going to move that over to Friday for dessert. As you can see there's really nothing that you can't do within the Meal Planner. It allows you to create the customized paleo meal plan that you would like to enjoy.

If you're not currently a member of PrimalPal, I would encourage you to sign up, so you can start creating your own customized paleo meal plans. If you are a member, I hope that this was helpful and that it will help you plan your meals within PrimalPal.

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