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Search for Recipes

PrimalPal makes it easy to search for Paleo and Primal Recipes with an ever-growing database of over 800, member submitted recipes.  Finding what you want to eat has never been easier by using recipe filters and the ability to search for recipes. 

Set Your Food Preferences

You can easily set your food preferences to exclude foods you want to avoid.  You can set your preferences to avoid nuts, dairy, shellfish, fish, eggs, nightshades, and sugars (honey, maple syrup, etc.).  When searching for recipes, all of the recipes that contain your food restriction(s) will be marked accordingly.  This will help you focus on the foods you want to eat saving you time.

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Save Your Favorite Recipes 

Save your favorite recipes from the PrimalPal database into your favorite recipes page with the click of a button.  While browsing the 100’s of Paleo and Primal recipes within the PrimalPal database, you simply click a button and the recipe is added to your favorites.  This is the easiest way to organize all of your favorite recipes.

Add Recipes

Want to add recipes?  No problem.  Simply submit the URL of any Paleo or Primal recipe you find on the web and we’ll enter it into the system for you.   We also give you the ability to enter your own recipes.  It doesn’t matter if you have cookbooks or your own homemade creations, PrimalPal is your place to organize all of your favorite recipes.  Access them anytime and anywhere. There is finally one place for you to store all of your favorite Paleo and Primal recipes.  

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Customize Your Meal Plan

Paleo meal planning has never been easier.  One of the first things you’ll notice when going Paleo is that planning is the key to success.  That’s why we created PrimalPal.  No more scrambling to get dinner together or eating pre-made meal plans.  You now have the ability to customize your own Paleo meal plan in minutes.  You’re in total control.  You can plan every meal of the week or just the meals you want.  It’s your choice and you have total flexibility.  With the meal planner, you’ll always know what’s for dinner.

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Modern Forager

The modern forager is the first of its kind automatic meal plan generator.  This feature was built for the busy Paleo person.  Simply click the Modern Forager button and select the course(s) you want planned and your meal plan will be planned in seconds.  Don’t like the meal plan the Modern Forager has created, just click it again.  The Modern Forager creates random meal plans while removing recipes with your restricted ingredients you’ve set in your food preferences. It’s the easiest Paleo meal-planning feature available.  Trademark pending.

Save Your Meal Plans

Once you’ve perfected your favorite meal plan, save it as a meal plan template for you to easily plan again.  Whether it is a meal plan for a busy week or for Thanksgiving Dinner, just save it and access it whenever you want.  How cool is that!

Edit Servings to fit your lifestyle

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning for yourself or a family of 5.  That’s because you can edit the servings for each recipe you plan.  The shopping list automatically adjusts to fit the adjusted serving size and we make it even easier by adjusting the servings within the individual recipe page.  If you double a recipe, the recipe page will automatically double the ingredients for that recipe.  Bam!

See the Meal Planner in Action

Here is a quick tutorial of everything you can do on the meal plan page.

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Review Your Shopping List

The shopping list is a true time-saver.  Once you’ve planned your meals in the meal planner, all of the ingredients needed will automagically be organized on your shopping list.  Just do a quick review and click off the ingredients that you already have.  Now the only question is do you want to print the shopping list, email it to yourself or your spouse, or pull it up on your phone at the grocery store.  This is the most difficult part of PrimalPal, we promise!

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Why We’re Different

We strive to make PrimalPal the best Paleo meal planning application available.  Since we are also Paleo, we know the importance of simplicity.  We want to give you the ability to customize your own Paleo meal plan to fit your life while also adding features to take the “work” out of it.   We’ve added the functionality you need and thoughtfully excluded the functionality you don’t.  Paleo made simple.  That’s our mission!


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